Did Kim Kardashian Wax Her Baby’s Eyebrows?

Kim Kardashian has made no secret that she is, in her words, a hairy Armenian girl, so laser hair removal has been KK’s BFF for years. So I don’t suppose one can be surprised that she produced an equally furry offspring, her daughter North West, the person, who has been rocking the typical baby unibrow–just one more reason why children give me the creeps. Most infants have some sort of eyebrow “situation” going on for the first year-ish of their lives, then they start to look like normal babies and no longer like little tiny primates.

But did Kim do something to speed up North’s beautifying? This pic posted on Kimmy’s Instagram had everyone up in arms because suddenly, little Nori’s brows seem oh so perfectly groomed:

North West


This little one has better brows than I do! JK I keep regular appointments with brow guru Anastasia, obviously.

But I think I’ve unraveled the mystery here, darlings: Kim didn’t wax her daughter’s face (that would be crazy even for her)–she Photoshopped it! Which, I think is actually way creepier, don’t you?

If you look closely at the area between North’s eyes, you can see that it’s blurry and slightly differently colored than the rest of her face, a telltale sign that some digital retouching has occurred. I also think she darkened the area around Nori’s eyes making her look like she’s got on a set of false lashes.

Overall, Kim maybe be “outraged” that people think she waxed her baby, but really, is this any better?

Kim Kardashian


What do you think of this pic–is Kim already the worst mom ever for retouching her baby’s face? Or do you believe that this pic is tres original and not at all messed with?


  1. Sherrisse Chu Said:

    I think it’s been photoshopped-which is sick!

  2. ichie Said:

    she needs a barbie doll, not a baby.

  3. Beth Said:

    Photoshop unfortunately immediately when I saw the photo the first thing I noticed was photoshop bc I work with photoshop everyday.

  4. kk Said:

    If everyday nornal people can have thier chuldren taken away by social services abd child protection then y hasnt kimmy k being declard an unfit patent yet?@!@!!!!

  5. Christine Said:

    Who cares? It’s way better she photoshop her baby then wax her! Give her and her cutie a rest…photoshop is pretty much a household staple. Everyone wants a cute baby pic (especially when its internationally viewed), is a little photoshop really doing any harm to anyone?

  6. yumz Said:

    photoshop or not, kim, kanye and north look ugly lol

  7. Inesm Said:

    You’re sick just for thinking that. Ugh.

  8. rly? Said:

    The baby is not cute..

  9. alice Said:

    This is crazy, if she wouldn’t have used photoshop everyone would’ve been rude about the hairy kid (on instagram, twitter, etc.). It’s what people do. She/he (no idea about Kim’s kid, not that fan) looks adorable on instagram, which let’s not fool ourselves, nowadays it’s all that counts. Not that i’m a big fan of that either.

  10. daniela Said:

    people need to calm down, it’s just photoshop

  11. Dee Said:

    While everyone freaks about the use of photoshop on a baby, this child was born a celebrity, and not of the Gerber baby ideals, this child is a Kardashian. That is a huge spotlight to be born into. That being said baby photography is a profession and like any other photo of that nature, will be touched up. It is not “sick” to photoshop a digital image of a child and this isn’t the first time it has been done. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. At the very least, a little vain. We are all vain.

  12. Dee Said:

    What is actually sick, is that there are people commenting saying the child is ugly or not cute. You’re judging an infant on looks in a negative way. That action itself is ugly. I hope you’re proud of yourself, you are a component of what is wrong with this planet.

  13. Andra Said:

    This shows just how much she loves her baby. I think it’s horrible for a mother to photoshop her baby’s “flaws”. I believe that when you become a mother,your baby is the most beautiful,precious and smart human on earth,well I guess that is not the case for Kim. May the gods have mercy on this kid.

  14. leann Said:

    Omg… leave her alone… Every school picture your child takes or any professional photos you have done have been retouched… it’s a part of the norm now… If this was posted by anyone else there would not even be a story about it

  15. Luxury and Lifestyles Said:

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  16. Emma Said:

    IThe ones who said North is ugly are judging the baby taking in consideration her parents lately behaviour in front of the cameras. And guys, that’s not fair. Being a famous kid it’s a big preassure and maby she doesn’t realize it now, but in the future she will. So be good and make her life easier cas she’s just a kid.

  17. Tazzy Said:

    any baby you see on tv, magazine, or movies has retouches done to their picture whats wrong with her fixing her baby’s eyebrows get off her and kanye i dont care for neither of them but at the end of the day they are still people leave them alone

  18. venny Said:

    A mother should love her kid regardless of how her baby looks even if its wrong people shouldnt judge a innocent baby because of their parents..its just photoshop afterall

  19. precious Said:

    u guys are really sick and so jobless leave her and her child the hell alone all your criticisim doesn’t change anything if she wants to photoshop the picture of her child its her business not yours fuck I hate americans I swear u guys cant mind your business geez

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