Did Kylie Jenner Get Breast Implants?

Poor Kylie Jenner. Maybe she’s worried she’ll never be as fashionably flawless as big sis Kendall Jenner, nor as insane as her three half-sisters, Khloe, Kim or Kourtney. So instead, is Ky is trying to be…the most buxom? KJ posted a suspicious looking pic this weekend showing off a pair of noticeably larger lady bits…

kylie jenner


Could Ky have paid a visit to the family plastic surgeon? Or is KJ, who tweeted cryptically that she’s “evolving,” just growing into a young woman–and a very flattering bikini–before our very own Instagram? Tell me your theories in a comment below!

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  1. alesia Said:

    kylie is just a normal girl at that age. she could of just tied the swimsuit higher. it’s a trick all women know

  2. Caspar Said:

    She’s only 15, still in the process of growing

  3. Sheri Said:

    She is dressing way to mature for her age. At 15 my daughter would not walk out of the house exposed.
    Kris Jenner is teaching or taught all her girls use your body to make money. What kind of Mother is she.
    Kylie put on some cloths that don’t reveal all. Leave something to the imagination at 15 it should not be much.

  4. enny Said:

    Crazy days and nights has a blind about this It was sad.

  5. L Said:

    Im about to turn 15 and my mom would never tolerate this. She looks so much older, honestly this gives me low self esteem because Im now thinking this is how I should look. Im confused lol.

  6. A Said:

    I am not sure why this is causing such a stir. All of her older sisters have big tatas. Maybe she is just one of the lucky ones that develop early. Kris may be nuts but I highly doubt she would send Kylie to get implants.

  7. hol Said:

    that naturally doesn’t happen over night…and her body fat is way too low to have all that ‘fat’ on her chest.

  8. E Said:

    I think you all are judging my breasts were a D cup. You should stop being so negative and rude. Instead of judging her for dressing like that, maybe look at your own daughters.

  9. hilary Said:

    Ky is a 15/16 year old girl, not a fully developed woman. Naturally she is going to grow boobs however large they may be! this is the fakest story ever!

  10. A Said:

    Don’t see the huge deal. I’m fifteen and I’m not having an density crisis, because sure she’s fitter than me, but I look close to that in a swimsuit. It isn’t unusual for her pictures this exposed to be online so stop making such a big deal about this. And if this is not true, it’s a pretty terrible rumor to spread. She looks fine and normal, like the majority of the people around our age. Get over it people.

  11. A Said:

    Identity crisis*

  12. alison Said:

    SHES WEARING A BIKINI FOR GODS SAKE. Kylie looks amazing <3 I Give her props. Most 15 year olds are still trending Hollister, Delias, and a jean skirt. Kylies just showing off what her mama gave her. Its definitely a push up, but ky does has boobs, she just doesn't show em off. She's perfection. Her mom is letting her embrace herself to all you other negative commenters, and I give kris props as well. A plus parenting. Moms who control their kids are terrible.

  13. Marcie Said:

    Kourtney and Kim both have huge “Lady bits” it’s only natural that she would too. To the person who said her body fat is too low. What about Kim? Her boobs and butt are huge and she’s tiny. I can tell a fake pair of boobs and KJ deff does not have any. She’s All natural!

  14. lilo Said:

    When is this considered child porn???

  15. Kat Said:

    Kourtney and Kim both have implants! And I agree that her breasts can’t have developed that much overnight.. she has had surgery. And who wouldn’t really, with that much money she will probably have several in her life time.

  16. to carli Said:

    um, actually they do. I myself went from B cup to D in only 6 months when I was fifteen, just about to turn sixteen. besides, even in the previous picture her breasts quite big. it’s time we dropped the whole ” skinny girls can’t have big breasts unless they are fake ” mindset. some people just have good genes, so back off the girl.

  17. Sometwo Said:

    That still ISN’T overnight, and how much did you even weigh then? @to carli

  18. dashdoll Said:

    @KAT ACTUALLY NO, Kim does NOT have breasts implants, kourtney however does. you act like you know so much but seriously THEY GOT X-RAY’s ON THEIR SHOW! dont tell me you didnt hear about it or even watch it yourself. maybe you should, you know get some facts before you start spewing off your “opinion” that isnt true. Kim did it for her bum to prove it was real but they also did her chest DUHHH AND read their book, kim got huge boobs at a very young age and hated them cause kourtney was so small

  19. dashdoll Said:

    i love how you all think you know how fast boobs can possible grow…sorry do we have doctors reading gossip girl pages??? get over yourselves!!!! every womens body is different, my sister grew to a D in a very short time and her body type is small! Stop hating because you’re jealous shes 15 and looks better then you EVER WILL…. not to mention this is a photo, its not hard to make your boobs look bigger and you look smaller in photos, its all about the angle my dears…

  20. ALLIE B Said:

    KRIS JENNER IS A PIMP OF THE WORST KIND. SHE PIMPS OUT HER OWN DAUGHTER. CAN’T ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT ? AND SHE GETS 10% of anything she can hawk. she is the most piss poor kind of mother there is. next to casy anthony that is

  21. Just Some Dude Said:

    Whatever, a nice “two bits”…

  22. Cjmacintosh Said:

    The first thing I remember learning about Kim Kardashian is that she enjoyed getting pissed on. In her sex tape, Kim Kardashian: In which was “illegally” released in 2007 by Vivid Entertainment, there were rumors of a golden shower scene between Kim K. and Ray-J Brandy’s younger brother in which Kim willingly gets peed on by Ray J’s . Do you remember that? Do you remember that Kim Kardashian, America’s Sweetheart, first entered public consciousness via urine-soaked sex with an F-list celebri

  23. Judy Said:

    I think she is trying to grow up waaay to fast, she sees her sisters getting so much media attention, she will do anything to get attention herself, Bruce would NEVER let her dress and go out like this,Kris should pay more attention to her young girls, and less time trying to “pimp out” her older girls for her 10%, I see these girls getting into trouble real soon!!

  24. sahar Said:


  25. star Said:

    Ummm Cjmacintosh what are you talking about???? You apparently didn’t see the video because their was no golden shower!! That was a rumor, so who’s lying?? That video was so boring, she is just a pretty girl and very bland….

  26. star Said:

    Oh and I see that you did say it was a rumor. So why would you even bring that up if it never actually happened? Yes she entered the scene with a sex tape! what a shocker!

  27. Mike Said:

    No breast implants here, her tits are just naturally huge! They ARE proportionate to her body size, and that’s what you have to look for first if you are dealing with fake jugs.

  28. natalie Said:

    these are OBVIOUSLY implants!!! are you kidding me?!? she weighs 90 lbs., and as far as her having “big lady bits because kourtney and kim do”? THEY BOTH HAVE IMPLANTS, TOO!!! give me a break; these breasts aren’t real!! there’s NO padding in that top; it’s all flesh.

  29. Darr247 Said:

    Definite fun bags, albeit saline.

  30. sweathogi Said:

    Another Kardasian Ho in the making

  31. J Said:

    You all do realize you’re talking about a 15 yr old’s breasts, right?

  32. Spaceman Said:

    Clearly, have any of you never heard of PHOTOSHOP. ANY part can be “adjusted” with mere seconds using a very simple technique. NO WAY here cha’s cha’s are this big…holy christ… NEWS FLASH, did you hear about oh, many families, who lost someone today…spend some time thinking about other people who are facing REAL ISSUES in life and not on this bullshit. Please

  33. charms wholesale Said:

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  34. Tara bish Said:

    Kylie Jenner obviously don’t have implants she belongs to a family that all have big boobs. Why do people have to judge and put her down its just jealousy. You are all acting like she’s 10 with size D boobs- but she’s 15 she’s obviously going to have boobs at her age.

  35. Myra Said:

    Apparently many of these girls have issues with their own body image, Kylie is acting out like this, and Kim is Hold up so no one can see her. They have made their name on reality shows and now that it has become a “reality” they are hiding from their public. I liked Kim B/C I thought she was realistic with her body, but since she has had the baby My opinion has changed. I had two babies, and looked like I had been pregnant for a few months afterward.

  36. dub Said:

    Obviously most of you are idiots. Of course Kim, and everyone else has implants. This doesn’t surprise me, how is Kris gonna make money if she is flat chested.

  37. krn Said:

    i feel bad for dad bruce. must be difficult enough living with his wife. now his two young daughters following sisters…….they ain’t good.

  38. Ruth Said:

    If anyone thinks those are real, they are delusional. She got breast implants which is fine, there is no reason to lie about it thought. All of them have implants and her sister will too. They are super rich so 10K for implants is nothing to them.

  39. Ruth Said:

    The funny thing is that it is mostly guys trying to hang on to the fantasy that anyone in this family has real breasts. You can easily tell whether it is real or implants. Just google Kate Upton, you can see the difference between Kim perky implants and Kate Upton’s really saggy big, real breasts. Despite the fact that Upton is only 20, you can see her breast sags because they are real.

  40. Nicki Said:

    You people denying it are just plain dumb. I have implants that are silicone and placed over the muscle and guess what? …They look like Kylie’s; natural but OBVIOUSLY bigger and perky. It all depends on what the girl is going for- porn star or natural. Plus having money to get a good surgeon obviously helps. Oh and about Kim, yea she did x-rays of her ASS!! Not her chest so stfu, and read up on a brazillian butt lift “doll”.

  41. Joseph Said:

    She said “pool day” some people are saying, “I’d never let my daughter walk around the house like that” do you wear a bathing suit when you go swimming? Damn. Some people are so stupid. & girls grow boobs, they can grow any size any shape. It’s the process of the human body growing. I’m pretty sure Bruce Jenner would not let Kylie get a boob job so young, he’s a responsible parent.

  42. Scooby Said:

    Kris Jenner, the ultimate ‘Madame’. Shame on her for what she’s done to all her daughters.

  43. lace Said:

    She is going to be the best looking

  44. Sarah Said:

    Kylie has her Mother’s voluptuous body! Just like Kourtney, Kim & Chloe! Kendall has her father’s super lean, naturally athletic body. No boob job here, just natural DNA.

  45. Michelle Said:

    I don’t understand why grown adults are talking about a 15 year old”s breast. If her mom lets her then who cares.I think her parents are making her to look like a slut at a young age.She can look beautiful and still have clothes on. Her mom is saying less is better and it will sell .No if there was picture of her clothed then I still think everyone will pay attention to her. She is a pretty girl. IT’s sad what her mom is teaching her kids.

  46. Lisa Davis Said:

    I think she got a boob job for her 16th birthday!

  47. NoMoreKartrashiansOrJennersPlease Said:

    Will she too soon be in a porn video banging a wannabe rapper at the Malibu rental beach houset oo? If so, that cheating, exploitative, scumbag, of a poor excuse of a Mother Kris will be selling it, just like she got Kim to do to make her famous. Every Jenner and Kartrashian needs to be banished to a remote island where we never she these dirtbags again.

  48. whitney Said:

    who cares, anyways when i was that age my boobs grow like 3 cup sizes in a summer, its called puberty. sill gossip girl

  49. Trish Said:

    NO IMPLANTS. All natural and looks normal. Stop the insecurity, people!

  50. Laurie Said:

    She is wearing a bathing suit. I do not understand the outrage.
    My mother would never let me wear this out of the house, but in the pool…what is the big deal?

    I have seen plenty of 16 year olds in bikinis.

    She has a great body. I wish I still looked like that.

  51. WakeUp Said:

    There’s even a female in the comments, who has breast implants, that says they are fake. You can see the implant protruding through her skin in the photo. I can’t believe people actually think these are real. As far as her age goes, I know a girl who got plastic surgery at 13. As long as the parents sign off on it, it can be done.

  52. b Said:

    those are completely fake. it’s ridiculous to let a 15 yr old undergo surgery, especially when she isnt fully developed. what a joke

  53. Leo Said:

    I guess alot of you don’t remember the episode in Keep Up with the Kardashians..where Kylie specifically asks her mom if she can get breast implants and her mom says no, you are too young and she replies about how come, if Kim got them at her age. It was an oldie but if you go back in time…you’ll see it.. =p

  54. Alphagirl Said:

    At 15 I was a size zero with d cups, same size they are today. Her breasts do not look oversized and I pray that each negative& malicious comment here & everywhere is met with karma. May God make you walk in the shoes you so freely judge without compassion, understanding or empathy. You know nothing of these people, only what editing and rumors tell you, I will like to see how each one of you handle fame and money. As far as Kris and 10% yes that’s called a manager whom happens to be their mom.

  55. K Said:

    She wears push up bras how is it not obvious

  56. Lola Said:

    “Marcie Said:
    Kourtney and Kim both have huge “Lady bits” it’s only natural that she would too. (…) I can tell a fake pair of boobs and KJ deff does not have any. She’s All natural!
    Post on July 8, 2013 at 11:02 pm”

    –>” I can tell a fake pair of boobs ” You obviously can’t! Kourtney says herself she had a boob job when she was in college! Look on her own blog: http://www.celebuzz.com/kourtney-kardashian/2009

  57. JoAnna Said:

    When you have big boobs your breast look saggy only girls with small to medium breast girls have perky boobs plus her body looks to small for large breast even when you work out your boobs shrink

  58. Dragace Lowe Said:

    Comparing to other pics of her, this looks more like a testament to engineering.

  59. Diana Said:

    To be quite honest, they look a fake. And why would Kylie have naturally huge breasts while Kendall, who is a bit older, has normal sized breasts? We can blame it on genetics, of course, but still.

  60. 眼鏡 gucci Said:


  61. marie Said:

    Little known fact” Kourtney has implants!!! Don’t know about Khloe or any of the others. Also, Kris had her breast enlarged, then later in life had them reduced & lifted.

  62. Nairoby Said:

    LOL, kidding me right? At 15 my boobs were just like her’s if not a little bigger. Also keep in mind it’s a bikini, the tighter you strap it, the more close together and lifted up become your boobs. For her age they are PERFECTLY fine and they are clearly not implants, gosh.

  63. Katy Said:

    She has implants like the mom and sisters everyone has admitted it except Kim and the pimp mom . Watch before your eyes they are going to get bigger,as time passes she will want biggers ones. They look to firm you can tell a implant from the real thing all the kardashian girls are plastic surgery freaks.

  64. Cristobal Said:

    At the time this was taken she was 15, she is now 17. I will say that I did not know it was legal for a 15 year old to get breast implants, so that would mean a parent must sign off. I know damn well Bruce would not, so mama Jenner must have if she got implants. HOWEVER I dont think its the case. I smell some photoshopping here. She does have bigger then her sister Kendall who is flat as a board, but again I dont think this image. Now Kendall on the other hand could sure use some implants. And not super big, maybe a large B small C. So what if she is a model, that doesnt mean your boobs have to be small.

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