Did Liam Leave Miley For Jennifer Lawrence?

liam hemsworth


Spotted: Liam Hemsworth at LAX, boarding a plane to Atlanta to meet up with Jennifer Lawrence. Sigh, fine it was only to begin filming the next installment of The Hunger Games, but wouldn’t it be just so devilishly delicious to imagine LH falling for J.Lawr both on-screen and off?

My spies say that Miley Cyrus wasn’t trailing behind Liam at the airport–unlike the last time he left to do a movie–but something tells me that it won’t be long before MC, who claims to always love others more than they love her will be on the next flight to Atlanta, shadowing her man with an intensity that would make President Snow uncomfortable.

Does Liam need to put a little space between himself and his dearly beloved? Or should Miley keep a watchful eye on her man, lest he get hungry for one of his costars?




  1. ebelfiore Said:

    yes he needs some space, especially from that awful haircut of hers……

  2. ggada Said:

    LoL.make president snow uncomfortable☻ space is what he needs from that bitch..i mean wife or whatever..what I would like ,is smelling a brake up or divorce .whatever!.

  3. CharmingCorinne Said:

    hi, you know nothing of their relationship. butt out.

  4. mishan Said:

    Miley will do anything, but liam slipped away

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