Did Miley Cyrus Seduce Her Sister’s Boyfriend?

Would Miley Cyrus stoop this low?

Life & Style is reporting that Miley had the hots for Christian rocker Sam Hancock, who was dating MC’s half-sister Brandi Cyrus from 2008-2010.

Brandi Cyrus 2014 Pre-Grammy Gala & Grammy Salute to Industry Icons - Clive Davis


“She was trying to hook up with him and date him,” tattles Brandi’s pal to the gossip mag. “She was basically trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend, or at least cheat with him.”

“I’ve seen Miley hit on other boyfriends of Brandi’s,” says the insider. “To be honest, I’ve seen her hit on her friends’ boyfriends as well. To be her friend or her sister, you just have to put up with her acting inappropriately like that. That is how she is.”

This is a juicy story and all, but is it true? Other insiders say it’s completely false. And Sam even told the mag that Miley was “nothing more than a little sister to me.”

What do you think, dolls? There’s always a truth and a lie to every story with opposing sides. Which one do you think this is?



  1. rly? Said:

    If he is her sisters xboyfriend there is nothing wrong with it, and let her date, let her do what she want to, ugh.


  2. Ann Said:

    It’s official.. idiots will believe anything they hear! C’mon, Miley does stuff to gain attention to her music but she is a good person! Just watch her interviews, like “Miley’s Life w/o Liam Hemsworth” You can tell she’s very honest. They aren’t even dating anymore either way!

  3. Ally Said:

    I think that people are trying to make her into something she’s not. Just because her image suggests one thing, does not mean she is that. Never have I heard bad things about Miley, so there’s no reason to go making things up about her just to make her look bad.

  4. N Said:

    Ummm… They both look really creepy in these photos


  5. Brittany Said:

    Miley is so not fair so her sister Brandi needs to do something about it.

  6. ianamary Said:

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