Did Rihanna Cyber-Bully a Teenage Fan?

Why anyone would want to copy this dreadful look is beyond me, but that still doesn’t give Rihanna the right to make fun of someone who did–especially since she wore basically the exact same thing!



The Twitosphere is buzzing about a couple of tweets RiRi posted mocking a 16-year-old fan who was inspired by the singer’s 2010 red carpet style and recreated the Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit for her prom. The next day, photos of the girl started popping up on social media, and #PromBat started trending.

Rihanna posted a side by side of their pics and captioned it with a sad face. Then, she posted another pic comparing the girl’s outfit to the bat-like logo of the Wu-Tang Clan. (I’m not posting the photos out of protest, but if you must see, here it is).

While I won’t deny that I’m a B when it comes to making fun of celebrity fashion choices (gosh, there are just so many BAD ones!), I think it’s totally rude and tacky for Rihanna to join in on the mocking on this one, don’t you think? What are your thoughts about this hot mess (and I’m talking about the controversy–not the prom look)? XOXO

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  1. Boos111866 Said:

    I think Rihanna needs to chill and apologize!! This girl was obviously a fan especially to re-create a Gawd awful outfit like this one!! Rihanna was very cool until Umbrella came out then she went slutty/skank. All just MY opinion but….

  2. alexandra Said:

    This is what kids are wearing to prom these days? Parents let them walk out the house looking lke this? The duct tape prom dress was the beginning of the end!

  3. esha36 Said:

    She needs to be ashamed of herself for condoning in child like activites. But why would anyone even give a flip about what Rihanna says anyway… she let CHris brown beat her face in (as she says) and then she gets right back with him. SHe needs to apologize to th eyoung girl..cause apparently she was a fan of RiRi

  4. laeti Said:

    Rihanna does not need to apologize or have her agents invent any excuses. She is obviously a total idiot. Her fans are the ones that need to step up and show her that without them she is nothing. Then, artists with high morals such as Shakira should refuse working with her in the future. That would teach the moron a lesson.

  5. Aislinn Said:

    I agree. I feel we should ban against her. I’m not a fan but I do have kids and I wouldn’t care who it was I’d throw my weight around. Maybe she’ll talk smack about all of us hidden away. She is quite the role model, we’d all agree. (Sarcasm right there!)

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