Did Selena Gomez Kick Out Her Own Parents?

Selena Gomez seems to have taken a page from the Chuck Bass playbook on how to deal with your parents. I hear that Sel is so sick of her mom Mandy and stepdad Brian trying to control her every move–aka keep her away from Justin Bieber–that she not only fired them as managers but is now evicting them from her home!

According to the new issue of In Touch, the pair had been living in a $3.5 million mansion in Tarzana, CA that Selena purchased for them but now Sel has put the property up for sale and has effectively left them homeless–on purpose.

Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Gomez


“They’re in a huge family feud, and Selena doesn’t want to support them anymore,” tattles an editor over at the mag. “She’s selling the house to get revenge.”

As much as I do love revenge, I do not enjoy telling people that I have homeless parents. So even if I did own the manse my mummy and daddy live in, I wouldn’t dream of tossing them out on the street. But then again you never know, the day is young!

While I can perhaps understand wanting to have a management team that didn’t give birth to you, this seems a little harsh, no? Or does Selena have every right to spend her money–and fill her houses–however she wants?


  1. Kristina Said:

    If your parents take advantage of you like I’m sure they do her I see nothing wrong with it. You dont know what else has went down between the family. Its fine to support your parents financially if theyre going through a hard time or are old but when they dont NEED the help and are perfectly capable of being financially independent cut them off. They’re not your Children YOU are theirs

  2. reana Said:

    What kind of a horrible person does that to the person that birthed her. I hate her now

  3. Akulina Said:

    I agree with Kristina on this one, its the parents who should support the child not the other way around. Its her choice what she does with the money she makes, and if she doesn’t want to spend it on her parents that’s okay. And its not like her parents couldn’t get a job by themselves. Its not the childs job to support the family.

  4. Rosalinda Call Said:

    Her parents were living with her if she was paying the bills. I read that her parents asked her to move out of her own house because she was seeing Bieber again. Why should she pay for two homes. Her Mom and step-father are young enough to support themselves and pay there own bills. She’s been working since she was 10 and her parents were getting paid for being her manager. The free ride is over time to grow up and pay your own bills.

  5. Saby Said:

    Omg, u westerners r so mean! I could never do that to my parents. They have done everything for me, they give me money they feed me took care of me from when i was just a baby. This is how you treat ur parents? How shameful. Even if my parents can support themselves i would still want to support them. I can’t abandon them! The thing is in islam parents don’t ask kids to pay back what we have spent and in islam we do not abandon our parents. We take care of them until they pass away. Love ma fam.

  6. Alitia Said:

    Its not cool to kick your mom out, maybe she’s just teaching them a lesson. You can’t jump to conclusions, cause who knows the entire story is Sel!

  7. Brit Said:

    Saby that’s cute and all, but I don’t think your parents are like Selenas and come on girl, that yours have given everthing for you is cool but what on earth makes you think anyone elses do it too?
    I think she had her reasons and congrats on her for steping up for herself and let her parents remember who takes care of who.
    It’s not her responsibility to put a roof over their heads. Its theirs.
    When they become uncapable to provide for themselves then that is the moment when Sel steps up.

  8. Jessica Said:

    Is there evidence of this? this article never mentioned anyone’s name and that’s obvi because no one wants to get blamed for lying. stfu bc ur making people hate Selena for no reason because some people are too stupid and actually believe everything they read on the internet.

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