Did Selena Gomez Post a Naked Pic?

Appearances can be deceiving, but either way, this racy pic of Selena Gomez will definitely get people talking:

In this artsy shot posted on Instagram, the “Come & Get It” singer appears naked, wrapped in sheer curtains lit by the natural sunlight streaming in through the window. The big question on everyone’s mind: was she flaunting her lady bits for all the world to see or are our pretty eyes tricking us?

Personally, I think this is all just a tease. If you look closely enough, you can see what looks to be the outline of a bikini. That, accompanied by the fact that Sel isn’t Miley Cyrus, makes me believe this sexy snap isn’t as scandalous as it appears.

But what do you think, minions? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

Selena Gomez



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  1. PatriciaM Said:

    Why does she look like she’s floating?? Is that just me that gets this idea?

  2. Georgia Said:

    She didn’t …. if you zoom you can see that she is wearing underwear.

  3. Shelby Said:

    She is definitely floating… better question is why? Also can easily see underwear when zoomed in.

  4. Valerie Said:

    She’s clearly wearing a bathing suit or underwear…

  5. JJ Said:

    clearly, she was jumping at that moment
    so her hair looked that way.

  6. MariaMas18 Said:

    come on guys its a wonderful picture of Selena and if you look closely you will see the outline of her bikini!

  7. sophie Said:

    no way but u cant see her naked so its not to bad and by the way I love gossi girl u help me catch up on all the gosssip

  8. daniela Said:

    que bueno si existe gossip girl yo ya estaba pensando en crearlo

  9. Nicole Said:

    Well at least she’s not showing her boobs or something. Plus I think it’s a lovely shot actually


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