Do You Think Blair Will Marry Louis?

Blair Wedding Dress

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January 16 can’t come soon enough! The mid-season finale Gossip Girl left us emotional and anxious with its dramatic cliffhanger (what the show does best, of course!) Currently going through our head: Is Chuck okay? Is Blair’s baby okay? Is Blair going to go through with her wedding to Louis?

Well, we think we have evidence that Chuck will live and that there is a wedding because Ed Westwick said in a recent interview that he’ll be in attendance of Blair and Louis’s nuptuals. We can only hope that means that he’ll be there to put an end to the wedding in true Bass class!

So, what do you think will happen? Cast your vote in the poll below!

Do you think Blair will marry Louis?

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  1. misty Said:

    Looking at the picture of Blair running. I predict she is running after chuck. Chuck crashes the wedding, tells blair how he feels then leaves. while standing there next to, well, you know, she realizes she belong with chuck and in a panic, she splits..

  2. Giulia Said:

    I hope blair will marry chuck.

  3. Maya Said:

    I really don’t like Chuck but he loves Blair and Blair loves him so maybe they should be together. I don’t really know yet because I am only on the 1st season. I am trying to catch up.

  4. Sophie McGrill Said:

    I SWEAR IF BLAIR AND CHUCK DON’T GET MARRIED BY THE END OF THE 6TH SEASON I WILL THROW SOMETHING AT TEH SCREAN if louis was behind the car crash i will h8 him even more

  5. J Said:

    I am SO more than ready for Louis to au revoir his way back to Monaco! Chuck & Blair are meant to be always & forever!

  6. olenbunyi Said:

    blair and chuck forever fever!

  7. Anonymous Said:


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