Does Selena Gomez Already Have A New Boyfriend?

The girl works fast! But really, who could blame Selena Gomez for already being on the rebound after breaking up with Justin Bieber? I hear that the starlet is getting over her heartache with her handsome Monte Carlo co-star Luke Bracey.


In fact, Luke (who used to date Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester) was the guy Sel would text and talk to when she was fighting with the Biebs. The two of them were spotted cozying up and holding hands at the Golden Globes after party.

With his hot, athletic bod and sexy Australian accent, is Luke a better catch than the Biebs (who frankly, I have mistaken for a teenage girl before…)? Which guy do you think Sel should be with?


  1. ggada Said:

    this new guy ofc!

  2. sofiacastro Said:

    Bieber loved or loves her! As much as I love Justin, I could see how much he cared about her, he was soo sweet to her! I like Selena, but if this rumor’s true, then she doesnt deserve him! thats my opinion

  3. saxaysnitch Said:

    Oh Yum!

  4. doppelganger Said:

    Considering I’m her doppelganger, I approve. Jbeibz was just an idiot, and annoying! I should support him because he’s Canadian, but his music is horrible, and he’s just weird. This guy on the other hand…. YUMMY!

  5. Kendall Katie Max Newbold Said:

    I think that Selena is better off with out Justin as they were arguing alot and he may have cared for her but one day they would have broke up any way so its better it was now rather than waiting for the pain to come. K.K.M.N.

  6. lina Said:

    I think that justin is jealous right now , but justin’s new girlfriend is so hot

  7. lina Said:

    i’m sorry 4 saying that but I think Luke Bracey is not so perfect 4 selena

  8. Anisah Said:

    i thought u went out with justin beieber

  9. the only one perfect for her is m Said:

    the only one perfect for her is me so shut up

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