Downton Abbey’s Lily James to Play Cinderella

Once a fan tweeted me saying that she thought Downton Abbey was a lot like Gossip Girl but set in a different time. I’ll take it. And now one of the stars of the show — Lily James (Lady Rose) — is set to star in the upcoming Disney live-action flick Cinderella. (Fun fact: she beat out Emma Watson.) With the success of her TV show and now this huge role, could she be the next Blake Lively or Leighton Meester?

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about this starlet in the very near future. And what kind of Gossip Girl would I be if I didn’t arm you with juicy facts about Lily to spout off during the conversation about her at your next cocktail party. Here’s what I find interesting:

  • Her grandmother Helen Horton is also an actress, famously being the voice of Mother, the ship computer, in Ridley Scott’s Alien. (Warning: this fact is only cool when used around party-goers who are into sci-fi).
  • Lily is a professionally trained actress having graduated from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
  • She also sings and plays the guitar.

Are you excited about seeing this fresh face in this huge role or do you wish someone like Emma would have landed the part? Tell me in a comment below!

Lily James The Olivier Awards


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  1. Julie Said:

    Quick fact correction: Emma Watson dropped out. Lily James did not “beat out” her for the role.

  2. Silvie Said:

    I love Emma Watson, but Lily James is more of the princess type…

  3. M Said:

    Love Downton, love her

  4. shax Said:

    Emma was offered the role, but withdrew. Also, she’d already signed up to be Belle in del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast.

  5. Erin Said:

    Emma Watson always deserves more screen time, and who on earth is Lady Rose!?!

  6. liza Said:

    I don’t like her! Emma’s better! And of course she wouldn’t be next Blake or Leighton

  7. amanda Said:

    Next S or B ? Just a slap in the wind!!! XoXo !!!

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