Which Former Child Star Just Filed For Bankruptcy?

If Drake Bell spent as much time making money as he did petitioning for Justin Bieber to be deported, perhaps he wouldn’t be bankrupt right now…. I hear the former Nickelodeon child star of “Drake & Josh” fame is spending almost $19K a month while raking in only a little less than $3K a month. I may not be the best with numbers (daddy takes care of my bills), but even I know that doesn’t add up.

Apparently he owes about $1.597 million on his home which is valued at $1.575 million. His annual income in 2012 was $408,000, but last year he made a measly $14,099.

It just goes to show you, love, what the cash machine gives can all be taken away if you’re not careful–or don’t have a trust fund. Do you think Drake will ever land on his feet or is he just another victim of child stardom?

Drake Bell The 4th Annual Thirst Gala




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