Drool No More: Leonardo DiCaprio

There comes a point in every girl’s life when her first crush grows up. Unfortunately mine grew up to look like this:

Leonardo DiCaprio Oceana's Annual SeaChange Summer Party - Arrivals

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

I spied Leonardo DiCaprio posing for pics at Oceana‘s annual SeaChange party this weekend sporting a full beard (ew), a man bun (ew ew), and sneakers with a suit (not acceptable). From the looks of his hipster style, I’d assume he’s been spending more time in Brooklyn than Ibiza lately. Shudder.

Even if you take away that grisly facial hair, too tight suit jacket, and slicked-back mane, he still wouldn’t be as attractive as he used to be. But I suppose our dear Leo is getting up there in age and looks tend to fade. It’s a shame he doesn’t have my team of miracle workers genes, n’est-ce pas? But all this to say, I would still make out with him on a yacht. Of course.

Tell me loves, are you able to look past Leo’s facade and drum up old feelings for your old man crush, or is it time to trade him in for a newer model?


  1. Guest Said:

    If he shaves that God-awful beard & gets rid of the bun he’ll be fine again.

  2. SaraD Said:

    Starting to look like Orson Welles….

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