Drool or Not: Brenton Thwaites

When a new It Boy pops up on to the scene, I realize that it is my duty to proclaim him hot…or not. But I’m having a bit of trouble making up my wicked little mind about The Giver star Brenton Thwaites. The 25-year-old Aussie recently costarred in Maleficent as Prince Phillip but this new flick will be his first starring role. And yes, obviously, rumors were once swirling that Taylor Swift had her eye on him, but like so many many boys before him, Brenton decided that he didn’t want to end up the subject of another platinum song and avoided a fling with T…at least publicly.

So let’s analyze his look at last night’s premiere of The Giver: 

"The Giver" New York Premiere - Arrivals

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

So what do we all think about bright young Brenton? (Ignore Odeya Rush, I just can’t get exicted about her.) I wouldn’t kick him out of my four poster bed, but I don’t get that smitten-kitten feeling when I look at him…do you? Maybe it’s those shoes. Or the necklaces. No–it’s definitely the necklaces, even though he is an Aussie and I feel like leather jewelry on red carpets is more of a thing down there.

What are your feelings on Brenton? Totally beautiful or basic and boring?


  1. Erin Said:

    I saw him in the Blue Lagoon remake a while back and I’ve thought he was pretty hot ever since, haha.

  2. skeeter Said:

    He’s got something on him which makes him attractive, just not sure why but i wouldn’t mind sharing my bed with him either

  3. Jasmine Said:

    He would so much better if he cut his hair like he did in the movie. Then I would definelty let him stay in my bed

  4. Nikki Marie Said:

    So hott!! so hott!!! argh haha

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