Drool or Not: James Franco’s Latest Selfie

Darlings, I have held my tongue in the ongoing downward spiral of James Franco for too long. While he was once my very favorite fling, I can no longer pretend that he hasn’t devolved into a scruffy, bloated, selfie-taking MESS. Behold his latest (and since deleted) Instagram snap:

james franco


 “SELFIEMADNESS The adderall diaries.” he captioned the photo. Just FYI, Jamesy is going to star in the movie adaptation of Stephen Elliot’s memoir, The Adderall Diaries. Or, he clearly could just be on a ton of drugs. Who knows at this point.

JF also seems to be imitating the Robert Mapplethorpe self-portrait pasted to his wall, which makes this extra pretentious.

To be clear, it’s not that I’m against shirtless celebs taking selfies, obviously. But I’d rather them not be pale and soft and vaguely hairy. J has definitely looked better. A female starlet would get absolutely dissected if she posted such an unflattering photo, don’t you think?

But at least James kept his man-parts covered (mostly) and just let us focus on his unappealing torso.

So here’s my penultimate question, minions: are you loving or loathing J’s endless stream of selfies? And where does this particular one rank on the spectrum of Franco creepiness?


  1. Roxanne Bellvue Said:

    I don’t mind. I never mind when men start posting naked pictures of themselves, even in their weird bloatedness. He still looks okay. Now he’s weird enough for me to find him interesting. Sad, but oh well. I’m a sad person.

  2. Mannie Said:

    It just don’t understand why people care so much, so Minaj posts picture of her almost naked, Naya Riveira post over skinny bikini pictures that look like she’s ready to have sex… but when a men send a picture of himself with no shirt and low briefs it’s the end of the world and he’s spiraling down? No so long ago you were drooling on a similar picture of Nick Jonas, is it because James Franco is not as buff or tan, I’d take him in my bed over any of the Jonas brother any day!

  3. Diane Burgos Said:

    Who cares picture yourself doing all the traveling, promoting , and taking care of business, how would you look it could be after arestt. S*&T, he looks yummy to me!!!!

  4. Khris Said:

    Am I seriously the only one that thinks it’s annoying ? I mean I’am literally the last to hate on ANYONE ( I’m more or a more power to ya kind of chick) but I guess I just expected more of him. I figured he would be more of an intellectual type with no need to post all the attention grabbing ” Look at me ! Look at me !” posts. I really thought he would end up being the sort of new Johnny Depp , but unfortunately JF ain’t got shit on Depp

  5. Maria Said:

    Haha! I love how he’s absolutely taking the piss of all saddos that seem to have nothing better to do all day than take photos of themselves… Do you not know JF at all??

  6. Mary Harding Said:

    Hey I know I’m old but I can look ,okay but what’s going on with James Franco,He’s very good looking ,—–but his last two pictures of him in his underwear ,just looks nasty

  7. Mary Harding Said:

    Hey I know I’m old but I can look ,okay but what’s going on with James Franco,He’s very good looking ,—–but his last two pictures of him in his underwear ,just looks nasty dirty Why couldn’t he post like A model or have someone else take the pictures ,they just don’t look right !

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  9. skyler Said:

    omg i just get so fricking sick of all you little shits comments that 0h why do you care oh i think that this is crap, if you do just go away this is for real gossip girls, and btw all gg was asking was do you think he is hot or not, so just answer like that, hot/not no big deal, gosh!

  10. Niagirl Said:

    Meh, Still love him.

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