Drool or Not: Justin Bieber

Well well well, minions, isn’t this an interesting turn of events. It seems that Justin Bieber, my favorite unisex pop star to pick on, has transformed himself from a 120-pound larvae to, well, see for yourself:

justin bieber

@justinbieber Instagram

Dare I say it–has JB become a man?? True, he’s still probably 36 inches tall and size zero jeans, but still. I’m rather impressed that Jussy managed to add muscle and definition to his once-delicate frame–are you?

Ah, now if only he could transform his attitude, he’d be almost dateable…XOXO.

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  1. Marylene Said:

    Ugh,i’m pretty sur he still weight 120 pounds, the is no real “man” muscle on that, he just watched what he was eating i guess, so not dateable ..

  2. maria Said:

    He is so perfect <3 no matter what anyone says he has definitely changed and is more than perfect!

  3. Daniel Said:

    He’s fu-able but he’s definetely not dateable.

  4. Emily Michelle Said:

    It’s one of those things where I see him and still see JB circa pre-teen age, anyone else have the same problem?

  5. Amy Said:

    not so fussed on him – but DAMN the other guy in the pic!!

  6. Hannah Said:

    My sister weighs 120 pounds and she is the same age as JB.

  7. Emily Said:

    So why is it when i see pics of miley these days i feel like im look at kid porn but justin is kinda sexy… wtf is wrong with me

  8. Danni Said:

    It doesn’t matter what you look like if you’re rude to the core and think you’re better than everyone.

  9. Jenah Victor Said:

    The other guy looks a lot like Jason Statham. Yummy.

  10. hannahmontana Said:

    lmao this must be the UNsexiest six pack ever! he does look ripped but it it looksugly and weird, like an ugly Smurf having muscles. die Bieber, its for the best of humanity.

  11. Natasha Said:

    He is flexing so hard right now. The way he’s hunched over? I get that he may be a bit built, but It’s not that big of a deal, and he is still a DOUCHEBAG.

  12. qml Said:

    his right arm is more muscular than the other arm…. O_O

  13. Josue Said:

    obviously he is not dateable at all … not at all, that behavior of his is not nice

  14. kai Said:

    Not a larvae anymore, still a pest though.

  15. ruby Said:

    he is so dateable man if i can have him i will eat him up yummy

  16. jurghoff Said:

    This fool is using steroids. As if he has the healthy lifestyle to maintain a lean and toned body like that with all the alcohol he consumes.

  17. Alex Said:

    so not

  18. Adam Said:

    As he looks now thanks to the man on the right! Swedish real man power, yes sir! JB tho on the other hand was a nice kid before and much better overall. Lol and now what?

  19. Clare Said:

    Oh look an 12 year old on steroids!

  20. me Said:


  21. Sonali Singh Said:

    It certainly doesn’t look like Justin Bieber, it looks like somebody did a little editing with the picture.the symmetry of the face with the body doesn’t match.

  22. Pippa Said:

    His face doesn’t suit his body. It just looks weird.

  23. Soharsh Said:

    “maria Said:
    He is so perfect <3 no matter what anyone says he has definitely changed and is more than perfect!"

    Nice try, Selena!
    But here is a tip for JB: If he wants to look like a yummy man, maybe he shouldnt take pictures with a REAL yummy man by his side, as the comparison is so unfair. Just saying.

  24. Autumn Said:

    Could Justin try any harder? Eww..my eye went to the other guy in the pic..YUM

  25. Bella Said:

    Ew. And what’s with the fugly hat and facial expression?

  26. Cami Golub Said:

    Its not real, you can see something weird on his right elbow, something doesn’t fit.

  27. Jenni Said:

    ugh!! So obviously photoshopped!!

  28. Beth Said:

    I agree with a few fellows here…it is photoshopped…it looks like the pixels are too obvious on the right elbow, top arm part…
    As you said…if he turned into any kind of datable man..he is photoshoped…soz..

  29. Ola Said:

    Well to him i say NOO but the guy next to him is a another hmmm thing :) That’s how MAN should look like JB has still lots to catch up… Is he even able to grow a beard or any facial hair yet??

  30. ken Said:

    Drug check .. HGH, PEDs

  31. Ryliegh Said:

    If he flexed any harder he would poop himself.

  32. Jack Said:

    his songs are still gay.

  33. Nymphadora Said:

    He used to be attractive before he turned into a fucking twat.

  34. Devon Said:

    The only nice thing about Justin is his body… He’s rude and condescending and his attitude and personality ruins everything going for him.

    He’s a jerk. Period.

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