Drool or Not: Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas

Once upon a time, Joe Jonas was the hottest JoBro around. But oh how times have changed, darlings. I spied the trio at The Jingle Ball in LA this weekend, and it’s clear that Nick Jonas has become the sexiest Jonas with Kevin Jonas a distant second and Joe…sigh.

Between his creepy facial hair, scrawny bod and “How is he related to these two?” hair, Joe is officially de-throned as the fairest JoBro of them all.  And that jacket! Joey looks less like he was invited to this A-list affair and more like he burst through security on his way to a Miami Vice fan club convention. Tragic, loves.

Do you think that his exes Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift saw this pic and laughed cruelly to themselves? Or is Joe still a hot Hollywood commodity?

The Jonas Brothers




  1. ggada Said:

    he looks a little bit out-of-place on that pic..he just doesnt belong there,now does he?

  2. rasheda fairclough Said:

    they are ageing ¤_¤..

  3. amber000 Said:

    well in my opinion I strongly feel that the boys have def grown up; escpecialy kevin :). but joe jonas is the one boy in the band that maybe needs a little makeover. def doesnt fit in. still adore him but not loving the bum look.. no offense.

    amber <3

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