Drool or Not: Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence recently untangled herself from boyfriend and X-Men First Class star Nicholas Hoult–amidst rumors that he’s now coupled up with his plain and forgettable Warm Bodies costar, Theresa Palmer–and I just can’t quite decide if that was a good call or not.

On paper, he should be attractive–dark hair, light eyes, luscious lips–but for some reason I’m not the smitten kitten for this British boy. Perhaps it’s that he’s pale to the point of looking sickly. Whatever the reason, I simply cannot declare him an official Drool…can you? And better question: whom should J.Law date next?

nicholas hoult




  1. hollyeolivia Said:

    bradley cooper – perfect pairing

  2. thesewingsaremadetoflyx Said:

    Hmm… more average than anything else. I mean like, if he as a decent personality than I’d probably date him. x

  3. Brooke Said:

    Dool he is so so sexy u got that he mine

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