Drool or Not: The OTHER Hemsworth Brother, Luke

If you loathe Liam Hemsworth or aren’t crushing on Chris Hemsworth, then check out their other brother from the same mother, Luke.

I spied him arriving to meet big bro Chris at last night’sĀ Inaugural Oceana Ball in NYC and I can’t quite decide where he falls on the Hemsworth Spectrum of Hotness. Can you?

luke hemsworth


Personally I don’t think he can hold a candle to Liam, but then again he does have this charming Mark Wahlberg quality about him, n’est ce pas?

Tell me which H-bro is likely to be featured in your fantasies, darlings–or do none of these Aussie hunks tickle your fancy? XOXO

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  1. aisha Said:

    Chris of course Luke next liam last

  2. Brits Said:

    Liam, Chris, Luke !!

  3. Ozellabella Said:

    I thought Luke was the older brother?? Then Chris then Liam

  4. Minnie Said:

    luke is the oldest! chris is the hottest though, don’t like liam that much

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