Ed Sheeran Picks A New Celebrity Boyfriend For Taylor Swift

In the age of Tinder, Match, eHarmony and, for some of you, Grindr, being set up by friends is a rather antiquated way of meeting a beau. But not for Ed Sheeran!

ed sheeran


He’s trying to play matchmaker for his eternally single BFF, Taylor Swift, and is convinced that her pefect guy is…Orlando Bloom!

During a recent interview, Ed blabbed that T should pair off with Orli, but no word on whether Ed can pull some strings to make a first date happen. Although, he may have to do more than ring up Orlando’s publicist–he may have to get Selena Gomez out of the way first.

orlando bloom taylor swift


As I’ve revealed to you darlings, I spied Taylor’s maybe-sort-of-current-but-possibly-ex-BFF Sel with Orlando on a few different occasions, looking rather cuddy and cozy. Do you think that this is exactly the reason he thinks Orlando and Tay should couple up, to spite Sel? Or can you picture the English actor being a good match with prim and proper Swifty?

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  1. Tara Said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Orlando Bloom english? Like I’m 99% sure he is. Not Australian. English. There’s a big difference.

  2. Laura Said:

    Lol @ Tara, I don’t think this gg is very bright…I thought she might be talking about Ed Sheeran, to give her the benefit of the doubt, but even Ed is from the UK.

  3. Steph Said:

    Yeah… like Tara said, Orlando Bloom is 100% British.

  4. Katie Said:

    Orlando Bloom IS an English actor. He was born in Canterbury, Kent, England.

  5. Kait Said:

    Hey hey hey lets not fight over what he is or where he’s from, but the fact that Ed think he’s crazy enough to set Taylor up I mean first off Orlando has been getting a bit too cozy with Selena for my liking but besides we all know Tylor she’s a relationship away from a new song you heard me isn’t an almost fact every boyfriend and ex comes with a break up I mean facts don’t lie and history does tend to repeat it self!!

  6. Brydie Said:

    Orlando is totally English. You might have been confused with his ex-wife who is 100% Aussie – Miranda Kerr!

  7. xoxoKayls Said:

    Uh, Orlando is English thanks!

  8. Gossip Girl Said:

    @Byrdie, indeed I did darling, my mistake. When a handsome gent starts speaking in any accent I get all confused, but you know you love me…XOXO.

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