Ed Sheeran Called Taylor Swift a What?!

Ed Sheeran just said what we’ve all been thinking about Taylor Swift this whole time…

“I know she’s 24 but she’s a sort of middle-aged woman trapped in a 24-year-old’s body. She hangs out with her cat and sews things,” T.Swizzle’s BFF told Time in a recent interview.

As you know, I’m a big fan of Swifty, but I have to agree with Ed. I mean, let’s just take a look at some of Tay’s most middle-aged moments:

I think my 45-year-old nanny had the same pajamas and glasses:

She gifted a needlepoint to Ed (sorry Tay, it doesn’t make it any less old lady-ish by having rap lyrics on it…)

taylor-drake needlepoint

MTV/Callie Buesman

Her nights at home consist of this:

She kind of dances like my mum when she’s had too many cocktails at a gala:

All this to say, Taylor: you are the only middle-aged lady I’d let into my clique. XOXO

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  1. Ana Said:

    I’m the same tbh…

  2. s Said:

    I don’t like T. at all I don’t have PJ’S like hers or dance and spend my weekends like her…however I do do needle work but nothing like her sloppy mess of a rap song. Other than that I agree that she’s an old lady…maybe that’s why she can’t keep a man or boy in her case.

  3. Jenn Said:

    Lol I’m the same way. I spend nights in with my cats and I paint a lot. I’m only 19!

  4. Quincyanna Said:

    @ “s” — I’m all for having an opinion but you’re just rude. What an asshat..

    Regarding the post: I’ve never been into going out and doing all of the things that are considered “normal” for people in their 20s, but that hardly makes me or anyone else like me “old”. I spend my nights pretty much the same way minus the cat (I don’t have one).

  5. Catherine Said:

    I personally love Taylor Swift but even if I didn’t, I would still respect her. I would rather do what she is doing then Lindsay Lohan or other celebrities who just party in clubs,drink and do drugs. This is one of the reasons Taylor Swift is such a good role model.

  6. kai kai Said:

    i am all the same with taylor except for the needle work i draw instead , hahaha , i dance like a piece of crap , i watch tv with my cat almost every night , and heh heh , i have the same pj’s and glasses :3

  7. James Said:

    I find her to be very attractive,and if what she does makes her happy than i say to let her be.I will however add that her love life is her business,but having bff’s that are guys will surely not be in her favor in the field unless she has an attraction to them and is maybe keeping them on a string for a future hubby.Guys are jelous and don’t really want other men hanging around their girl,even if it’s his best friend,brother,or even cousin.Distancing themselves from other men makes better glue

  8. Anne Said:

    Yeah, but YOUR grandma is UGLYYYYY, Taylor is prettyyyyyy

  9. Nhlanhla Shabalala Said:

    I’m 17 and I’m totally like her #ProudSwifty

  10. Ami Said:

    Ed is probably annoyed that she turned him down for a date. I would too! Tay is sitting in her seat in an auditorium do you want her to get up and dance in the middle of the aisle? Get a life! As for the PJ’s well talk to the wardrobe people and the video’s producer. What she does in her private life is her biz, at least she is not like many of her peers sticking needles in their arms or smoking whatever.

  11. Julian Said:

    Maybe Taylor’s emmotionally matúre? -she does seem to lack a little fun in her life? -not that you can rely on an article on the net (ever) but It does seem to have an element of truth? -Maybe she’s an “old soul” -or maybe she’s trying to “be good” -maybe shejust works really bloody hard and relaxses this way because it’s safe and centering? Writing about your love life would probably shut down the show though? -No doubt there’s plenty of willing customers left. It’s kind of sad really :|

  12. Bishal Tuladhar Said:

    Guys guys… It’s gud 2 respect ur lovable celebrity bt every1 has right 2 expression n opinion. I know it’s nt fair to telling this like people cn say whatever they want. Me 2 is the enormous fan of taylor, bt being a fav, it’s nt necessary to accept every wrong things that they had done, is it?

  13. Kirstie Aranda Said:

    I worship her so everybody that has MEAN comments please don’t let me see them because I will defence her 1000% so please don’t mess with me and my Taylor cuz I feel like she’s my sister by heart so please don’t be mean to my big sis cuz I love her

  14. Supradi Said:

    Get a life ppl!!
    Just hangin around wid cat and sewin doesnt make someone middle aged….c’mon everyone hav got their own living style…
    I too spend my days totally like her n i m just 17 !! #foreverswifty#

  15. Cassie Said:

    I find her adorable sewing and spending time with Meredith actually. At least she doesn’t stay up all night clubbing and have drugs or something else. She’s so worth to be her fans’ role model. Taylor is always my favourite celebrity. Love her songs! :)

  16. Stephanie Said:

    How rude! he should be grateful that Taylor put some effort in giving him a hand-made gift. Plus, I doubt she was the one who made the music video and so what if you don’t like the way she dances?? Who are you to judge what she does that makes her happy? At least she looks happy when she’s dancing like that.

  17. jean-guy villeneuve Said:

    i like tylor very much. what she does on her time off is none of any bodys affaires.

  18. Magiccake Said:

    She can do whatever she wants. It’s her life, not yours.

  19. ria Said:

    that`s what makes me love her more :) Taylor is just so unique :)

  20. Asma Said:

    just because she doesn’t party at night and drives drunk and says bad things about other people doesn’t mean she thinks like an old woman it actually means she’s mature! and btw that gift that she gave ed is more valuable than anything! what makes it priceless is that she spent a lot of time making it by herself instead of just buying him something ready! you’re not making any sense at all! btw i’m only 18 and I think she’s totally fine

  21. noneofyourbuisness Said:

    fuck all of you. taylor doesnt do things to impress her haters. this is pointless.. shes never going to be botherd by it. shes doing what shes loves so leave her the fuck alone.

  22. Chloe Said:

    Honestly I think this is just rude. At least she isn’t doing drugs or anything bad. And setting a good example to her young fans is more important than looking like she has “the best night ever” – partying etc. And let’s see what you’re gonna do when you’re middle aged, not let yourself in your own “clique”? -.-

  23. HC Said:

    Let’s be honest here. At least she’s being herself, and not copying other people. She is comfortable in her own skin and in my opinion, that’s the only thing that matters unless she is hurting herself, or anyone else. And she is not hurting anybody, so enough with all the hate, please?

  24. Johna109 Said:

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