Ed Sheeran Almost Stabbed Taylor Swift With His Sword

Taylor Swift recently recalled the time Ed Sheeran almost stabbed her with his sword on a flight to Nashville earlier this year. Let’s back up and let her explain: “He went to New Zealand and got this sword. The actual [director] Peter Jackson gave him a sword from a Lord of the Rings movie. And he was obsessed with it to the point where like he would come into by dressing room waving it and then just leave,” Taylor said.

“Or he’d just get it out on the plane and everybody is like, ‘We don’t know if that’s OK on a plane. It’s a weapon, but it’s a medieval weapon [so] we don’t know, I don’t know,'” she continued. “It was on the table [on the trip to Nashville] and it started to slide.”

Watch the video below to find out what happened next:

Taylor confirmed that Ed is kind of like a kid at heart, saying he’s obsessed with toys and weapons: “He’s obsessed with Legos. He’s obsessed with swords, like axes, stuff like that,” she said.

Do you love Ed enough to risk getting hurt (and I’m not talking Fifty Shades kind of hurt, darlings…), or would you rather steer clear of Ed and his sword? Tell me in a comment below!


  1. Eric Said:

    It’s a shame that hobbit looking faggot didn’t stab her stupid ass in the neck.

  2. asjdsas Said:

    They are both awesome…LOL

  3. Ezme Said:

    Woah Eric no need for language like that!!

  4. JC Said:

    F**k off Eric , Taylor is THE BEST

  5. Lika Said:

    Love her <3

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