CaptionED: Kisses All Around for Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick being kissed by two girls

Photo Credit: WENN

We can’t get enough of Ed Westwick — and we really can’t get enough of staring at pictures of him all day. That’s why we decided to put our photo-obsession to good use with this column: CaptionED! Each week, we post a pic of the object of our affection on Facebook and pick the best captions you submitted in the comments.

This week, we caught Ed getting kissed by two blondes. Here are some of our fave captions submitted by you on Facebook:

  • “It’s good to be the king.” – Ami
  • “This is how Chuck Bass does things.” – Luna
  • “Twins?! I ordered triplets.” – Stephanie
  • “I’m living out my childhood dream.” – Michelle
  • “Spotted our favourite bad boy getting cheeky with three hotties. While the Blair’s away the Bass will play.” – Claire
  • “These girls are going on the payroll!” – Nina
  • “Don’t fight ladies! There’s enough Chuck Bass for all of you!” – Claudia
  • “Not even these two hot twins can take my mind off Blair!” – Anne-Ivan

Which one was your favorite caption this week? Tell us in a comment below. And love Ed? Chat about him with other fans in our message boards!

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