CaptionED: Ed Westwick Looking Studious & Sexy

We can’t get enough of Ed Westwick — and we really can’t get enough of staring at pictures of him all day. That’s why we decided to put our photo-obsession to good use with this column: CaptionED! Each week, we post a pic of the object of our affection on Facebook and pick the best captions you submitted in the comments.

Ed Westwick in Glasses

Photo Credit: Steve Erle for Gotham Magazine

This week we caught Ed looking studious and sexy in glasses. Here are some of our fave captions submitted by you on Facebook:

  • “You bring the brains. I’ll bring the Bass.” –  Tiffany
  • “Stay in school and get EDucated.” – Candice
  • “So is it play time or study time?” – Alexandra
  • “Chuck Ed.: The Guide to Epic Bassness.” – Katrina
  • “Now I can see what all the fuss is about.” – Ondine

Which one is your fave? Tell us in a comment below!



  1. Cheree Said:

    I’m not Ed, I’m a new superhero, THE NERD! I’ll do your homework!

  2. Ashley Hurd Said:

    “You bring the brains, I’ll bring the bass.”

  3. Hannah Said:

    This was posted a year ago is the funny thing but no comments were posted showing last year’s date. Seriously.

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