New Unacceptable Couple Alert: Ed Westwick & Lindsay Lohan?

aslkjfs;ldkfjeosijfsdlfkj. That’s all I can possibly say about Lindsay Lohan’s super suggestive Twitpic with our beloved Ed Westwick. Lilo has famously declared her love for all things Chuck Bass–could she have landed her small-screen crush? I suppose anything is possible. But a Lindsay/Ed coupling clearly foretells the end of the world, and quite frankly I’m not ready for the Apocalypse just yet–I have too many new fall booties to wear.

Do you believe that Lilo actually made good on her promise to catch herself a Bass? Or is this just chapter 1,000 in the book known as “Lindsay Lohan’s Desperate Ploys for Attention”?

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  1. derena Said:

    ….. this is bad.

  2. Juli31423 Said:


  3. ldncitygal Said:

    “Lindsay Lohan’s Desperate Ploys for Attention” this is so true

  4. HannahRose Said:

    I do not approve

  5. lord411 Said:

    This has got to be an edit! No way the Great Chuck Bass would stoop that low… thats like GG wearing something from… *shudders* Wal-Mart

  6. fauxamerican Said:

    In all fairness, have you seen his face? He looks petrified.

  7. jesuninin Said:

    but, what about Leighton? you look perfect together as ever!

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