Hot or Not: Ed Westwick’s Mustache

Darlings… my spies spotted Ed Westwick on the streets of London and well… it’s not good news. Looks like our handsome Gossip Girl actor has let himself go after the show ended.

Why oh why did he insist on growing a thin mustache after everyone whined about it last time? Dearest Ed, don’t cover up your beautiful face with something that looks like it belongs on a Brooklyn hipster more so than an Upper East Side gent.

Obviously I can look past this dark time in Ed’s life. But can you?

Former 'Gossip Girl' star Ed Westwick hurries into London's Bodo's Schloss for dinner

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. naushdos Said:

    He looks like one of those old chinese delivery guys…( no offense meant to chinese people whatsoever)

  2. hopperc4 Said:

    Oh wow! That thinng needs to go. Like now! Bye Bye Grosstache. See you, well, hopefullly never.


  3. xoforevertiffany Said:

    OMG he needs to lose that or his career is over now that GG ended! no offense :P

  4. ggada Said:

    I mustache you a question,WTF?

  5. babydoll88 Said:

    Ed…sweetheart please…get rid of it…u kno we love u xoxo

  6. jemm Said:

    What’s wrong with letting it grow out? Shaving everyday for the show irritated his skin! He’s still fine no matter what he looks like… Mustache or not. I love you Ed Westwick!!!

  7. dovewing Said:

    disgusting ewwwwwww

  8. dovewing Said:

    honey, ed we all love you soooo much, but with that you look more chinese than hottie. it has got to go

  9. Roxxy Said:

    Seriously Ed you’re really hot but the mustache is not. Get rid of it please.. :)

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