Scene & Heard: Ed Westwick on What He’ll Miss From G.G.

Think you know Ed Westwick? You don’t know Bass, darlings. I got the scoop on all the things he’ll miss when he says goodbye to the Upper East Side clique you know and love…! Check out his answers and tell me what you won’t be able to bid adieu to…XOXO.

ed westwick


The thing I will miss most about Gossip Girl is . . .

The makeup room.

And the least . . .

The pets in the makeup room.

My favorite memory is . . .

Getting the call that I was moving to New York.

Before it’s all over I plan to steal ________ from the set.

Blake Lively. Do you even have to ask why?

My favorite food from craft services is . . .

A turkey sandwich.

One behind-the-scenes secret I’ve never shared before is . . .

Our crew is the best damn crew ever!!!

The most outrageous outfit that Chuck ever wore was . . .

My memory is not as good as yours. Croquet? (Pic below)

The new story line fans will love most this fall is . . .

Everyone’s. I still don’t know where it ends. Buckle up!

Once the show has wrapped, I will . . .

Be in England, taking tea with the queen.

ed westwick





  1. GossipCat Said:

    The most outrageous outfit Chuck has ever wore according to Ed… Is hilarious :D

  2. noemi Said:

    So hot..!

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