Poll: Do You Like Ed Westwick’s Short Haircut?

Ed Westwick Short Haircut

Photo Credit: Twitter

Looks like someone is sporting a summer cut! Our beloved Ed Westwick was spotted filming scenes as Chuck Bass for Gossip Girl Season 6 with a short shaved cut, perhaps to keep cool in the NYC heat wave that was happening while they were working.

True Ed fans think he looks great with whatever haircut he has, but we thought it’d be fun to host a battle of the cuts and ask you all to vote for which length you like him better with. Check out the pics below of Ed with long and medium length hair, and the vote in the poll to tell us your favorite look!


Photo Credit: WENN

How do you like Ed's hair best?

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  1. jlsvendsen Said:

    Let’s face it the man could be as bald as an eight ball and he’d still be unbelievably sexy!!! Ed Westwick is just HOT, period!

  2. sketlullaby Said:

    The last face is so sexy *_____*

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