CaptionED: Chucks Up!

We can’t get enough of Ed Westwick — and we really can’t get enough of staring at pictures of him all day. That’s why we decided to put our photo-obsession to good use with this column: CaptionED! Each week, we post a pic of the object of our affection on Facebook and pick the best captions you submitted in the comments.

Ed Westwick Thumbs Up

Photo Credit: WENN

This week we caught Ed giving a thumbs up. Here are some of our fave captions submitted by you on Facebook:

  • “Chucks up!” – Bongski
  • “I got Blair back, life’s good!” -Ashley
  • “What the Chuck is going on over there!?” – Bec
  • “A big thumBASS for a great day” – CLang

Which one is your fave? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. Engevil Said:

    That’s so funny ^^


    Thumbs up for what? Guess your not that good of an actor considering most of your scenes were you with many girls new one everyday huh.. XOXO

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