Fashion Don’t: Elle Fanning’s Hideous Shoes

To stand out on the red carpet, one must take chances. But that implies that your avant-garde look may look good–Elle Fanning‘s footwear at the Breaking Dawn premiere never had any hope of being a Fashion Do:

elle fanning breaking dawn premiere


I just…cannot with these, darlings. I’m sure that when EF saw these in the garbage in her stylist’s hand, she oo’d and ahhh’d at how unique they were. But that doesn’t mean they should be on her feet. At a movie premiere. Where other people would have to look at them.

My advice? Steer clear of one-height platform shoes and/or anything that looks like it should be hanging in the Museum of Modern Art…XOXO.

elle fanning breaking dawn premiere shoes



  1. ggada Said:


  2. Faih208 Said:

    WOW!That’s what i call “bad taste in shoes”(and clothes)!Is she trying to copy Lady Gaga’s style?If that so then she might be informed that she is not even close to succeed it!She even has bad taste for Lady Gaga!!!

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