Hot Mess: Emma Roberts in Formal Shorts

Yesterday, we saw an example of formal shorts gone right. But today minions–shudder–I’m afraid it’s the opposite. I spied Emma Roberts in an absolutely awful outfit at last night’s dull exhibition opening of Persol Magnificent Obsessions: 30 Stories of Craftsmanship on Film in New York:

emma roberts


Wide white high-waist shorts? Couldn’t she find an adult diaper to wear instead? Because it honestly would have been a better look… This grotesque garment dwarfs her tiny frame and makes her look like she just wandered out of a Florida retirement community. And that’s merely the bottom half.

While I’m not totally nauseated by the glittery tank and Liza Minelli-esque jacket, it’s a bit too razzle-dazzle–I believe that a chic outfit only has one flashy aspect, not four. And don’t even get me started on her hair.

Are you hating Em’s latest look as much as I am? How would you have rescued this outfit–or is it beyond saving?

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  1. Shabba Said:

    Winged eyeliner, red lips a little Taylor swift but whatever. The shorts are too awful so ditching them or getting them fitted. Also the accessories could be in contrast like a pretty aquamarine. And I hate the bling on the jacket.

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