OMFGorgeous: Emma Stone Looks Lovely in Lemon at Amazing Spider-Man 2 London Premiere

Emma Stone is quickly becoming my favorite redhead of the moment — not that she has all that much competition, of course. (Looking right at you, Lindsay Lohan.) The fiery actress looked absolutely radiant in a yellow Versace dress at Thursday night’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere in London. The floor length stunner was both fresh and classy, and had backless draping that was simply to die for.


Now, if the parade of hot messes at Cotillion taught me anything, it’s that yellow is an incredibly difficult shade to pull off. E managed to do so brilliantly, complimented by her natural makeup and standout red lips. Snaps to you and your stylist, darling: what you accomplished was no easy feat.

It didn’t hurt Emma’s red carpet presence that she had the most impressive accessory of the evening to go with the Versace gown: Spider-Man himself. Thankfully,  her co-star and boyfriend Andrew Garfield left the Spidey-suit at home, and looked timeless in a slim cut suit. These two have officially lasted through a sequel, which is Hollywood talk for long-term love.


I truly hope they make it through a trilogy, and even beyond. With all the hot mess pairings out there, I am rooting for this runway-approved couple.

Do you think Emma’s look is as Amazing as I do? And aren’t Emma and Andrew just gorgeous together?


  1. Lilianna Said:

    Yellow is a really pretty color on her and the red lips look perfect. The dress looks very nice. I really love the outfit!

  2. s Said:

    This girl can do no wrong. Love her!

  3. Jeffrey Said:

    Why am I masculin? I would buy that dress directly, especially now she has worn it. But I’m already happy that I could envy Mr. Garfield.

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