Scene & Heard: Emma Stone Reads Mom Blogs?

Vogue. Page Six. These are all acceptable things for It Girls to have in their browser history. Coupon strategy, potty training techniques, and household cleaning tips… um, not so much. But Emma Stone admitted to Jimmy Fallon that she’s been all about the mom blogs lately. I’m gonna need you to explain the appeal, Em…

“Here’s how it happened,” she said. “There are people blogging about pretty much everything, but there are women in my age range that are mothers. I can’t even get my life together enough to put furniture in an apartment. I just Pinterest everything.”

Hmmm, my pins usually lead me back to fashion blogs and luxe travel websites. I’m still not quite sure how hers brought her to sites about strollers and spit-up.

Emma went on to explain to the old people watching what Pinterest is exactly… “They’re just pictures that you would pin as if you were pinning them to a corkboard, but you’re pinning them to an internet website…and your life is sad because it doesn’t look like that.”

I find it hard to believe that this blockbuster movie star can’t buy everything she covets on Pinterest, or at the very least get it for free just for being famous. Emma, you’re humbleness is adorable, but we all know your life isn’t as sad as you make it out to be–except for the mom blog part… that is indeed depressing. XOXO

Emma Stone The Cast of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' at 106 & Park



  1. Holl Gardner Said:


  2. Nate Said:

    First she calls he bf a bland basic b*** and now she’s talking baby’s. Emma Stone is.. a true redhead.

  3. rama Said:

    well, its an interesting blog….

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