Love or Loathe: Emma Watson at Cannes Film Festival

Spotted: Emma Watson strutting around the Cannes Film Festival where she’s promoting her new flick The Bling Ring, but despite the bad-ass nature of her film, her outfit is anything but:

emma watson


True, I suppose she looks “classic” or whatever in this Chanel dress from their Spring 2013 collection, but I find it boring to the point of being offensive. Black and white? Ugh it looks like a prom dress! Not something one wears to 1) one of the chicest cities on earth and 2) to promote your oh-so-edgy flick!

What are your thoughts? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Najla Said:

    Too plain…

  2. MX Said:

    I like it. It’s classy

  3. Andie Said:

    I think she is really well dressed and can pull off any design with remarkable style and grace! She obv looks very pretty even in this outfit!! I don’t doubt her or her stylist’s sense o dressing ever!

  4. Esi Ker Said:

    itz prety shez gud 4 wat she choz 2 wear fitz de ocasion she luks simple& elegent.

  5. Arushi Gupta Said:

    Chic dress…But this wasn’t the right place to where it to!!

  6. Jessy Said:

    I think she looks amazing. She looks classy and beautiful, bit harsh saying you’d loathe it, I’d kill to be able to wear something like that.

  7. Anita Said:

    It just doesn’t even look like it belongs to her! She’s walking along and she looks like she’s just taken it from her moms closet to play dress up in !!!! No sorry and in Cannes! Super classy and chic, I think she has read too much into that :)

  8. LP Said:

    Theres nothing bad about it. It’s classic. She’s not going to look at that picture in 20 years and say “what was I thinking.” Also, it’s Chanel. You can’t go wrong in Chanel.

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