Love or Loathe: Emma Watson’s Sexy New Look

Bye bye, Hermione. Emma Watson, after several years of trying to find her fashion footing, has at last landed on a look people (or at least males, anyway) can get behind:

emma watson


OK fine, her Pretty Woman throwback on the cover of GQ is for her new movie, The Bling Ring, but I rather fancy this tarty style on the usually asexual Em–anything other than that dreadful pixie cut is an improvement, even if it has to be this streetwalker style.

But do you prefer a demure Miss Watson? Or are you, like me, thrilled to see her veer away from the mod look for a change?


  1. Gallou Said:

    She’s hot !

  2. Den Said:

    Well, she can’t get a decent roll, she HAS to do this

  3. Matt Said:

    Pretty sure she doesn’t ‘have’ to do anything… she literally never needs to work again in her life with the amount of money she has. She’s really hot.

  4. Roxie Said:

    …Please bring me a rope. What happened to cute little Em?? Poise and elegance, ladies. It’s one thing we all MUST have. She had it, she was a good exemple. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the next train wreck in this very year.

  5. fredsed Said:

    Almost all things in hollywood end up in the gutter. Everything eventually turns to be all about looks, sex, slut, superficiality, groin shots, boob shots,

    Think of every good and pure thing that ever entered the machine…. they eventually end up posing for a picture similar to this one… See the new, vacant & soul-less look on her face… Funny, I don’t recall that ever being there before. We know better, but we listen to satan’s whisperings rather than the truth. Really sad..

  6. Elizabeth Said:

    This photo of Emma is a promo for her upcoming movie, The Bling Ring. Emma is an Ivy Leaguer, highly intelligent, and has a very level head on her shoulders. She can choose any movie roll she wants and with her Harry Potter earnings alone, never has to work again if so desired.

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  10. PERRY Said:


  11. Nate Said:

    100% sure its make up.

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  13. cj Said:

    Its for a fucking film roll you retards. Why the fuck do you think you people get opinions anyways? Go back to the gas stations and super markets you peasants.

  14. tim Said:

    I’ll be honest..after taking a long, hard glance at that cover, I shot all over my keyboard.
    it got real.

  15. jim Said:

    she is one of the rare gals on this earth that i would gladly accept numerous golden showers from….hell, take her to taco bell and i’ll lay down and she can let it rip all over my chest.
    oh yeah, just shot again.

  16. whatapity Said:

    Definitely preferred her before, now she just looks trashy.

  17. Jay Said:

    Emma is FAR from a train wreck & does have an Ivy League education. She’s grown up, she’s no longer the little girl in Harry Potter. Whether the dress is for a film role or she bought just because she liked it, she looks fine. You CAN have poise, look elegant AND sexy at the same time! If she were at the beach would you gripe at her for wearing a 2 piece bikini? This dress shows less than that. I think she looks great & is very attractive! I prefer the long hair MUCH more than the pixie cut too!

  18. Emma's Broom Handle Said:


  19. acne treatment Said:

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  20. wren Said:

    She was promoting her new movie! Of course she’s going to dress that way, she talks about the Bling Ring.

  21. Bob Downs Said:

    I think she should do some more risqué movies. Like where you can actually see the donger goin’ in.

  22. Heather Pendleton Said:

    To the person who said Emma is this next years train wreck.. you need to get your facts straight before insulting someone. This is for her role, it even says on the cover “In Character”. She’s not going to stray from her eloquence and natural beauty to become superficial and fake, she doesn’t need to. Have you seen her in “Perks of being a Wallflower”? If she wants to step outside her shell for a bit, she has that right.

  23. Brad Greenwood Said:

    I’d rather we whipped by her than kissed by any other woman.

  24. Butt Lover Said:

    She is so hot I would like to lick her ass!

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