Is Emma Watson A Real Life Little Mermaid?

Certain movies should never be remade, and IMO, Disney’s The Little Mermaid is one of them. But, I suppose that if one were going to try, it might as well be one of my fave directors, Sofia Coppola. I mean did you see The Virgin Suicides, minions?? It’s everything.  So I’m rather excited to hear that Sof is considering a live action remake of everyone’s favorite undersea fable, and rumor has it that Emma Watson could play Ariel! Em herself even addressed the rumors and cheekily boasted that she already has experience with the role.

“I actually dressed up as Ariel for my fifth birthday,” she joked. Emma also starred in Sofia’s last project, The Bling Ring. “I mean I’d have to read it first. I love Sofia so much.”

emma watson


Does Em strike you as Ariel incarnate? Or is she a little too prim and proper to play the spunky mermaid?

I for one think Emma would nail the role. And considering Sofia isn’t afraid of delving into the dark subject matter, I have a feeling that this remake would stick close to the original Little Mermaid plot line, which was rather grim and bloody. Did you know Ursula is Ariel’s aunt and responsible for her mother’s death? We’re not in Disneyland anymore, darlings…XOXO.


  1. Jeffrey Said:

    I also think she would nail the role. She allready has a haircolor that is almost similar to the character. But I seriously didn’t know it was a bloody horror movie. Damn now she would even nail it perfectly.

  2. honeysucklejasmine Said:

    “Did you know Ursula is Ariel’s aunt and responsible for her mother’s death?”

    That is soooooooo not true. In the original tale there’s no “Ursula”. She’s just a witch who plays a minor role and only appears for a little while.

  3. Emma Said:

    I think she was be perfect. Physically she had the body! They just need to give her a good wig or extensions. I bet they won’t make her a redhead, but we’ll see. Can she sing? Thats the real question. And what accent will she use?

  4. Sarah Said:

    A Grimms version of the tale would be awesome! i kind of like the take that Once Upon A Time used, but a horror version would be perfect! i love seeing different versions of fairy tales. i’m an adult and like adult things, (aswell as those amazing kid films :D )

  5. bethany Said:

    Emma would be adorable but Ariana Grande is the clear choice for Ariel if the movie happens

  6. Amy Said:

    omg this would be amazingggg

  7. Liesel Said:

    I think she would make the perfect Ariel

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