OMFGorgeous: Emma Watson at the London Noah Premiere

Spotted: Emma Watson looking epically awesome at the London premiere of her new Biblical flick Noah thanks to her silk one-of-a-kind Ralph Lauren Collection gown that featured a pleated panel at the hip and a seriously sexy slit:

emma watson


This look is everything. From the fit of the gown to the perfect Jimmy Choo heels to her chic little updo, j’adore j’adore. I’m not usually the biggest fan of this style halter gown–it can look tres ’90s and you know how I feel about throwback fashion–but this dress is just too chic. I also love her simple cuffs and earrings–they compliment the sleekness of her look without competing with it.

Do you think that this may be Em’s best Noah look yet? Or is this look a colorless catastrophe?

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  1. Amy Said:

    Omg gorgeous gorgeoussss

  2. Adinda Said:

    I think it’s super gorgeous all the way

  3. Liesel Said:

    She looked really stunning :)

  4. Nicoline nissen Said:

    Its NOA

  5. ShelbyScullymin Said:

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  6. L Said:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous. The dress and the shoes and the hairstyle are perfect together!!!!

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