Love or Loathe: Emma Watson’s Pantsuit

Spotted: Emma Watson visiting David Letterman while channeling Ellen DeGeneres. I spied the Noah actress rocking a Saint Laurent suit and black pointed-toe pumps, along with bright red lips and a whateverish messy ‘do (although, for what it’s worth, it was super windy in NYC yesterday, so without a full bottle of hairspray, this is basically what everyone’s hair ended up looking like…)

Emma Watson Late Show with David Letterman


Perhaps Em could have made it a tad bit sexier and more interesting by unbuttoning her white shirt a tad or wearing a completely different top in general. As it is right now, she just reminds me of my accountant at a charity ball. Yawn.

I love the idea of the look, though. Do you? Check out other female celebs who have sported the pantsuit on the red carpet. Who do you think wore it best/worst? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

Ashley Benson

Photo Credit: WENN

Scarlett Johansson

Photo Credit: WENN

Ellen Page

Photo Credit: WENN

Kourtney Kardashian

Photo Credit: WENN

Kelly Osbourne

Photo Credit: WENN

Angelina Jolie

Photo Credit: WENN

Adrienne Bailon

Photo Credit: WENN

Katerina Graham

Photo Credit: WENN


Photo Credit: WENN

Miley Cyrus

Photo Credit: WENN

Alexa Chung

Photo Credit: WENN

Demi Lovato

Photo Credit: WENN

Jessica Biel

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  1. Ellen Said:

    Emma W., Angelina J., Scarlett J and ofc Alexa Chung pulled them off, all the others kind of failed… ESPECIALLY Kat Graham and Ellen Page – those were indescribably gross

  2. foulen Said:


  3. Ambrosia Said:

    Angelina Jolie rocked the look, the rest was kind of whateverish or even just plain awful…

  4. Annie Said:

    I love the idea. However, to give it a little zing, like where a red shirt and red pumps with the black jacket and pants would have been very pretty.

  5. elena Said:

    Well, I think she is AWESOME and I wish I could pull off that men-style like her.
    It’s just a simple elegant look. Celebrities don’t have to look always perfect from head to toes, by the way.
    And I LOVE her make up.

  6. renee Said:

    Love it! I would love it more if she didnt wear the sling back shoes. I agree that a pair of bright red or dark red pumps would have made this great! She looks pulled together but doesnt look like she is trying too hard.

  7. historian Said:

    She rocks in anything she wears.. Only the jealous bitches who look like crap in anything they wear criticize..

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