Emma Watson Splits From Her Boyfriend!

Accio rebound! I hear that Emma Watson has called it quits with her no-one-important boyfriend, Will Adamowicz last summer and is just now ‘fessing up. The nerve! A rep for Em says that she and Will “are no longer in touch” which is fairly harsh considering they’re still at Brown University together. Why, I think we all know how hard it is to totally cut ties with an ex while you’re still on the same campus.



I also find it odd that Emma didn’t issue the standard “…and we remain good friends” statement, don’t you darlings? I dispatched a few trustworthy minions to do a bit of digging and I hear that Em’s ex may not be the stand-up guy we once thought. A recently uploaded Facebook pic of Will–one that includes powder on the table, a hundred dollar bill that looks like it’s been rolled up, cheap liquor (ew) and of course, what appear to be little baggies of white powder…perhaps–was the reason they split.

But Will, son of a millionaire, insisted to a British newspaper that “the picture is not compromising. It is not what you think. They are not packages. They are not drugs. They are just bits of scrap paper. I don’t take any drugs.”

Although he didn’t have an answer when the newspaper asked him about the white powder on the table. Interesting. In any case, I can see why these two didn’t work out. Perhaps Emma needs a gentleman who is older and wiser. She is, after all, so collected and classy, I can’t see her raging at a college frat party, can you?

Let’s play celebrity matchmaker for little EW–who would you like to set her up with next? A fun fellow like Harry Styles? Or a guy a little more on her intellectual level like…my my I can’t think of a soul! Maybe dating in Hollywood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…XOXO.


  1. Airah Said:

    I nominate Tom Felton

  2. AndreaDeville Said:

    I think she should hook up with Tom Felton Dream Couple come true!
    but that’s just my opinion GG!

  3. GayatriP Said:

    Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Matt Smith.
    Those are just my ships but hey, I’m happy for her if she finds someone who challenges her intellectually.

  4. kaybunny420 Said:

    Logan Lerman!

  5. Gaia Said:

    I totally can see her with Douglas Booth, they’re both gorgeous and they’ll be promoting Noah together soon. Or Logan Lerman, who’s smart and composed and a great friend of hers and is in Noah too. But if you think of someone older, smart and classy than maybe Tom Hiddleston would be a good fit.

  6. Elle Said:

    i would say tom felton but i think hes engaged

  7. Georgi Said:

    The fact is: Emma is down to earth, intelligent and not your typical Hollywood-actrice.
    I think that if she decides to enter in a relationship, it’s not likely to be another famous actor.
    So whoever she chooses in the future, it will be someone she can be herself with. Being a “hot couple” with another celebrity (like Kanye and Kim) wouldn’t suit her, and I don’t think she would like it either!

  8. ashlee Said:

    I ship Emma Watson with Harry Styles. They look good together.

  9. Jane-Grace Said:

    Paul Wesley and would make an awesome pair!

  10. Quantumnerd Said:

    She already dated Tom Felton as far as I know. A few years ago.

  11. Rhys Said:

    i reckon she should date Cm Punk he is straight edge doesnt do drugs or alcohol he is a man of drug free and i bet Em watson would take him on and respect his choice as a straight edge life style

  12. kingofanything Said:

    I think she should be with her HP CO-star mr.Daniel Radcliff!!!

  13. Alx Said:

    Tom Felton! <3

  14. Galini Said:

    Tom Felton or Logan Lerman <3

  15. Stefanie Said:


  16. Serena VanDerWoodsen Said:

    Well GG, I had fun being Gossip Girl, but I think we are getting a little too old for this kind of stuff. Don’t you think? Well IM me when you get a chance.

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