Scene & Heard: Emma Watson Didn’t Know She Was Famous Until She Moved to the US

I spy Emma Watson on the cover of the newest issue of Teen Vogue, and while any other person would equate that to being rich and famous, Em only recently recognized that she was kind of a big deal.

As I say, “You’re nobody until you’re talked about,” and Emma was the subject of many conversations since she first came onto the scene as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter years ago. But the starlet says in her interview that she didn’t think she was famous until she came to America for college in 2009.

“It sounds stupid, or completely unbelievable, but that was when I really realized that I was famous,” she said. “There are still days when I deal with [fame] horribly and there are days when I deal with it really well.”

Either Emma was completely sheltered in the UK or she’s telling a white lie to appear more humble. Which one do you think it is, dolls?

emma-watson-teen vogue

Teen Vogue

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  1. Aylin Said:

    Com’on she didn’t know she was famous? Yeah I think is so she can seem more humble

  2. Rachel Said:

    I think she is genuinely a humble person. She probably meant that it took that long to realise the extend of her fame and that it wasn’t till then it really sunk in. I think she’s amazing for not just ditching school to be and actress/model but is still giving herself options and is working really hard.

  3. hallie Said:

    I think she is a humble person. So much emphasis is placed on the media and celebrities in the US. Fame is much different here, I’m sure. She dealt with a lot of bullying when she came here because of her role as Hermione. Obviously, that would be eye-opening for anyone.

  4. Lorina Said:

    I believe her because of the fact that England and the US are two completely different places. The English are not as forward to celebrities as Americans are. She was probably never really accosted before she hit the US.

  5. erin Said:

    Shes just humble. Its probably a lot different in the states than it is in england for a celebrity .

  6. Hollie. Said:

    She is Hermione Granger, Everything is in valid.

  7. Tkus Said:

    Think it is the former. She began as an actress at a very young age..and it kept remaining like that, so she didn’t know anything different and thus, she certainly might have not known what a fame was..until she got out of the UK <3 Emma

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