Hot Mess: Emma Watson at This Is The End Premiere

Spotted: Emma Watson at the LA premiere of This Is The End wearing a couture Roland Mouret peplum bustier and, apparently, faded chinos leftover from sixth grade:

emma watson


One of my pet fashion peeves is when shades of black don’t match each other, and Emma is a prime offender. Not to mention the length of these pants are odd and unflattering, as is the stark white hemline of the bustier. Perhaps sleek white pants or a pencil skirt would’ve made this look work, but as it is now, it looks like she threw on two mismatching garments and strutted out the door. Which, I suppose darlings, is exactly what she did…XOXO.

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  1. Cheryl Briggs Said:

    Oh good grief, She is cute as a little bug. This girl is smart, hardworking, and good golly if she wears jeans and a t-shirt big deal.

  2. NJS Said:

    Give me a break! I’ve seen so much worse on celebrities. Hot mess? She’s a good actress and whatever role she’s in, she does it well. Lindsay Lohan…now that’s a hot mess. Emma should never even be put into this category.

  3. JAB Said:

    The male actors on the poster behind her beg to differ, they are all trying to get a piece of her ;) Emma Watson is beautiful and though I agree a pencil skirt would have made this much better, as mentioned, classifying her in the Hot Mess category is way off! Retract the cat claws on this one!

  4. joe Said:

    “Hot mess”? Your half right…

  5. mark Said:

    She looks like she’s 12 years old.

  6. Faye Tackett Said:

    My pet peeve is fashion reviewers with no taste.

  7. Hector Metzlbach Said:

    People actually get paid to write this drivel?
    I could do a much better job of bashing things I know nothing of and getting paid for it as well!

  8. Mr. Right Said:

    You guys will go to just about any length to attach your name to a celebrity and fish for some cheap ratings, eh?

  9. Dude Said:

    Actually that’s a pretty cool looking outfit. The girl has style!

  10. Scais Said:

    Pfft who cares, she’s still totally gorgeous in my books. Any man would be lucky to seen with her regardless of that outfit.

  11. Annaliese Said:

    I agree this is awful! Looks like an 80s daft punk top lol No one ever said Emma was ugly…jeez you people are focused on the wrong idea.

  12. B Said:

    Would love to see a pic of author. She is Hot cute and fun. Please post a pic of ur fat ass and style

  13. Patricia Butler Said:

    “Hot mess”?? The outfit is adorable, the girl is adorable, and the outfit on the girl is adorable. Jealous much?

  14. Kim Said:

    Emma Watson is perfection, even if she’s wearing a burlap sack.

  15. FarFlung Said:

    Wait, let me make sure I understand this. Something is WRONG with Emma because she doesn’t dress in accordance with some gossiping bitch’s ‘pet peeves’?
    Who died and made this bat the Chief of the Fashion Police?

  16. NOZ Said:

    A smokin’ hot mess of sexy!!!

  17. Sus2ya Said:

    Whoever ‘GossipGirl’ is….darling, you’re an idiot. This look is flattering and the two pieces are complimentary. I believe the reason you don’t like it is because it’s not slutty or cheap looking.

  18. KoldShadow Said:

    Although I could care less what she’s wearing, physically, as usual, she looks EPIC and is the epitome of androgynously-boyish beauty. Considering how INCREDIBLY hot she looked @ BAFTA in 2011 (search for the pix and thank me in advance), she gets a lifetime pass for any unorthodox fashion choices made from here on out, especially considering the completely arbitrary scrutiny women in Hollywood have to tolerate.

    Cliff’s Notes: Emma = *FAP* *FAP* *FAP* *FAP* *FAP* (Google BAFTA in 2011) ^_^

  19. Frodo Said:

    She still leaves my male spider senses all tingly. And, unlike many many celebrities, when she opens her mouth and blabs — I still like her.

  20. eb Said:

    Let’s put it this way, the less she wears, the smaller her clothes, the happier I am.

  21. Chrizster Said:

    You have to think about the lighting as well. They may be the same shade of black, but are reflecting light from the cameras differently. It appears the shirt is silk while the pants are a polyester blend.

  22. cindy Said:

    I can’t see anything wrong with her outfit. Can you be ANY more critical? Hot mess? Really?

  23. Mayu Said:

    I think someone is jealous. this is not a “Hot mess”. This is a girl dressed respectfully instead of skankily, there’s nothing wrong with the outfit at all. The pants are peddle pushers and are meant to look that short. Why is this person commenting on fashion if they don’t know that?

  24. Beth Meador Said:

    Emma has turned out to be a beautiful woman…can’t always be the sweet girl from Harry Potter all her life…look at the show Daniel R. gave us on doing nude…was shocked too..but now Harry Potter movies are no more…we have to adjust our selves…I too was and still a big fan of all of the actors…good luck to them…only movies that was hard for me to get used to was when Daniel R…did the Lady in the Black dress or whate ever it was kinda tripped me out and gave me creeps.

  25. nene Said:

    Could you define “Hot Mess” for me? Although I personally am not a fan of this outfit, she looks more put together than many celebs due on any red carpet. Nothing is hanging out and her hair is well done. So explain to me the part of being a “hot mess?”

  26. ED Said:


  27. Bamela Said:

    Who cares? quit being a snooty bitch and let em have fun…

  28. gwennie Said:

    This is the best comment section on fashion rants- ever. Find something to write about. This is drivel

  29. tman Said:

    She is the hottest woman on the planet! I don’t think the outfit matters at ALL!

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