Love or Loathe: Emma Watson at the Tribeca Film Fest

The Tribeca Film Festival is basically the Solange Knowles of the film festival world–it tries so hard to be relevant and popular but it’s just never going to make fetch happen, not when Cannes (the Beyonce of fests) is just around the corner. But still, it does draw some interesting It Girls, namely Emma Watson, who turned up for the premiere of her friend Roberto Aguilar’s new film, Boulevard. And while I’m giving her an A+ in the friendship category, I’m not so sure how I feel about her outfit…

Emma Watson Tribeca Film Festival - 'Boulevard' Premiere


Love the shoes, love the cuff, love her hair and makeup. But her actual outfit? Not as much. This Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2014 ensemble is a top and jacquard skirt, and Em is wearing it exactly as it came down the runway. But it seems odd and mismatching. Perhaps it’s the color or perhaps the asymmetrical hem on the shirt is competing with the skirt, but whatever it is, there’s something not so fab about this look.

What’s your take, fashionistas? Do you rather fancy her unusual outfit or do you want to edit this ensemble too?

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  1. Jane Said:

    You’re kidding me…

    Considering the array of non-mainstream and amazing music they played in gossip girl you would expect this writer to understand the simple differences between Beyoncé and solange. The latter is an independent/indie artist who creates music not meant for the top 40. Therefore solange isn’t, as you put it, “trying so hard to be relevant”, she doesn’t market herself in that way.

  2. You Know You Love Me... Said:

    Spotted: a lowly writer, fresh out of NYU attempting to dish the dirt but falling flat on their poor little face. Maybe next time they’ll do more than stamp a “you know you love me” and an “xoxo gossip girl” on the end of their scribbles, or what others call a “published article”. Be careful “GG”, you don’t want to sound like the leftovers of daily…


  3. Seriously? Said:

    GG, you’re either seriously confused or you need to get your eyes checked. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous. I think Emma Watson hit the nail right on the head with this one.

  4. My Opinion Said:

    THIS IS MY OPINION!! (I am not saying that anyone else is wrong or that you should have the same opinion) I don’t personally think that the outfit does go well together and it does seem mismatched to me.

  5. Jeffrey Said:

    Why does she always has to look so lovely and unreachable.

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