Read, Follow, & Win $100 With The #endoftheworldbook Sweepstakes

End of the World As We Know ItWhat’s the craziest thing you’d do to hear those three sweet words “I’m Chuck Bass.” Or talk about literature over coffee with Dan Humphrey? Or even just gaze into Nate Archibald‘s gorgeous blue eyes? Would you follow your Gossip Girl crush to the end of the world? Too much effort? At least you can follow @alloyent–the creators of Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars–to discover their next big hit, The End of The World As We Know It by Iva-Marie Palmer.

And there’s even a chance to win $100 just for sampling the first few chapters and tweeting about it! (A nice chunk of cash to put towards some pretty Louboutins to chase after your fave GG guys when you’re following them to the end of the world!)

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Follow @alloyent, the official Twitter handle of Alloy Entertainment.
  2. Enjoy a free sample of The End of The World As We Know it on Scribd or below.
  3. Tweet your favorite quote from the free sample using the hashtag #endoftheworldbook.
  4. There are a ton of great lines in the #endoftheworldbook. Increase your chances of winning by tweeting a new quote every day until the offer ends on October 15th.

Available for just $3.99, The End of The World As We Know It is a LOL ebook about a group of high school seniors who get locked in the basement during the biggest party of the year, only to become the sole survivors of a massive alien attack. It’s their chance to party, fall in love, and be heroes all in one epic weekend.

Get it now for just $3.99: Kindle | NOOK | iBookstore | Kobo

View the official sweepstakes rules.

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