Eric Daman Talks 80s Style on “The Daman Chronicles”

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Photo Credit: Cambio

Gossip Girl Costume Designer Eric Daman‘s third episode of his reality series “The Daman Chronicles” is live on Cambio and this time, he sits down with FIT Museum Curator Valerie Steele to talk about his fashion inspirations and what trends of the past are coming back. The main trend they discuss is the 80s style that has been reinvented and is showing up in a lot of collections now.

“Everything old is new again,” said Valerie. “All of these trends keep reoccurring but each time it comes around it’s a little bit different. If you think about all of the 80s things which are so popular with the young people now – who weren’t even born in the 80s – it’s definitely not nostalgia for the period.”

Eric added, “I just finished the pilot for The Carries Diaries, and it’s going into series, and it’s very exciting because it’s set in the early 80s when Carrie Bradshaw was in high school. I grew up in the 80s—not to date myself—but I really had a coming of age in fashion, and I was avid about Interview magazine which was kind of lost in the Midwest. I’d have to drive an hour to read Interview magazine. Going into The Carrie Diaries coming off of Gossip Girl, it’s exciting to give the 80s a very contemporary spin. There’s a prettier more aesthetic style than the 80s [in the fashion right now].”

Watch the video here to see more of their discussion. Our favorite part? When Valerie asks Eric what he’s planning next. “World domination,” he says. We can totally get behind that: Imagine a world full of Christian Louboutin and Balenciaga… Yes, please!

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