Are Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Having a Baby?!

I realized the other day that I haven’t seen Eva Mendes out and about since March…and there’s a reason why. She’s seven months pregnant. (?!?!) With Ryan Gosling‘s baby. (?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?)

I do not think I need to underscore my shock and horror that R.Gos may be expecting a baby with Eva, who I had thought/hoped he had actually dumped instead. But no, my R.Gos fangirls, the truth is chilling.

“She’s greeting this pregnancy with nothing but joy,” dishes an insider from Star magazine. “And Ryan has wanted to be a father for a long time. He’s overjoyed.”

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

WELL GREAT. True, Ryan and Eva may still break up thus giving the rest of us a chance to snag him, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of cut and run on a pregnant GF, now does he? So fine. It looks like these two are about to be one big happy family.

“No one will be surprised if they get married before the baby is born,” says the insider. “This is it for them.”

And for me too, I’m afraid. Without R.Gos to lust over, what will become of me? Ugh it’s just all so depressing.

Tell me lambs, are you shocked and awed that Ryan and Eva have been keeping a pregnancy undercover? Or do you think that this entire rumor is just that?

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