Fans Tweet Their Dream Plots For The Final Season of Gossip Girl

Yes, it’s super sad that the final season of Gossip Girl is happening this year (it premieres on the CW Oct. 8), but we have to look on the bright side… we finally get to see how it all wraps up! And the president of the CW promises a proper sendoff.

While the actors, writers, producers and crew are working hard on the twists, turns, and drama to make sure the series goes out with a bang, fans are tweeting @GossipGirl their hopes and dreams for the final season. While the majority of the tweets are saying they want a Chuck and Blair wedding, there were some other plot wishes involving the other characters.

Check out what some fans had to say below, and tell us, what do YOU hope happens?

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  1. itsashleyxoxo Said:

    Thanks for using my tweet. :)

  2. xoxjordyxox Said:

    Serena and Dan get back together, Lola leaves and Nate and finds someone amazing aka me! And Chuck and Blair live happy ever after :)

  3. gilgie Said:

    Dan and Blair forever!! they must end up together happily married in church…plzzzzz

  4. toneofsurprise Said:

    I want a season 6 filled with Chuck and Blair, and Serena and Blair.

  5. kbc768 Said:

    Serena will start to fall back into her old party ways but then her and Dan get back together and he changes her again. Nate and lola will stay together. And chuck and Blair will finally be together and get the ending they need. I also hope serena and blair will make up

  6. ttamara11 Said:

    I wish that Serena and Blair work it out. Serena and Nate get back together , that they get married in church. Blair and Chuck together, and no more Lola or Vanessa or Georgina. I wish to find out who is Gossip Girl on Serena’s and Nate’s wedding . Love Gossip Girl and I’m going to miss it when it’s over <3 .

  7. MariaMurphy Said:

    Chuck and Blair wedding and happily ever after is a must. No couple or fandom has earned it more. I’d also love to see both Serena and Blair have careers and become powerful women separate from the boys. The endgame I’d pick for Serena is Carter but I doubt he’s coming back. Nate deserves love and happiness too so I hope he finds a girl that’s worthy of his awesomeness. Lastly Lily and Rufus have got to get back together. Great loves (Lily & Rufus and Chuck & Blair) need to triumph <3

  8. delise Said:

    I understand people want a return to the glory days, but it doesn’t fit the narrative that evolved over the last five seasons. Chuck should return to his single-life glory. Blair should rebuild with Dan and finally cut ties with her Bass complex for good. Serena should either be with Nate or still float through life being the free spirit she was meant to be.

  9. delise Said:

    Oh, and who Gossip Girl girl is should in the end remain anonymous.

  10. Alexkingsford Said:

    D and B ?????? Are you kidding me C & B

  11. Micky Said:


  12. olga168861 Said:

    Chuck & Blair<3
    Serena & Carter<3
    Jenny & Nate
    Dan & Vanessa
    Lily & Rufus

  13. patrick Said:

    Chuck and Blair
    Dan and Nate
    Lily and Rufus
    Everyone else stays single

  14. Jackiie Said:

    Georgina is a mother she needs to start acting like one. Nate should hook up with Jenny they made a cute couple. . . the real jenny. no the queen bee. . . Blair and Serena don’t make up, serena cannot b forgiven for all the damage she has caused Blair. Serena is not a good friend, never was never will.
    Nate and Jenny
    Blair and Dan
    Rufus with that art agent
    lily with bart (she only cares about money)
    serena alone
    Chuck reconnecting with elizabeth fisher

  15. Secretwhisperer Said:

    Chuck and Blair!!!! (married)
    Rufus and Lily
    Nate and lola
    Serena and Carter Basin
    Eric and Jonathtan
    Jenny and Georgina– friends
    Dan and Gerorgina
    Ivy and Max

    But I don’t want it to be all happy, gushy, mushy, there have to be twists and turns, and I want Chuck to find and bond with his real parents.
    Serena and Blair should become friends again.

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