WTF Alert: Farrah Abraham Wants Fans To Buy Her Gifts

Farrah Abraham, who do you think you are? Apparently someone who doesn’t have a problem asking her fans for baby gifts, expensive home items and slutty role play costumes in the same swoop…

I recently discovered the Teen-Mom-turned-porn-star’s Amazon wish list and wish I could un-see it. Her coveted items included a $37 toddler peacoat (fine), a $1300 dining room table (no one is going to buy that for you), and a cheap-looking greek goddess costume.

Interestingly enough, as I was peeking at this, I clicked on the next page to see more and it appears that Farrah must have caught word that I was scoping this out because magically all of the items besides the children’s clothes and toys were deleted. Guess someone felt ashamed of her greediness? But don’t worry darlings, I am armed and ready to remind her! I got screen shots of course ;)



Sorry Farrah, you can try to hide it, but your wish list is out. You know nothing gets by me. XOXO

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  2. Tl Said:

    She didn’t delete them, they were all purchased for her, if you click on ‘all’ it says they were all received. Crazy.

  3. Lynda Said:

    Think I should make one and see if I can get some pathetic people to buy me things! I can’t believe people actually bought her all of those things. Most of it was for her of course, great mom that she is!

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