LOLZ: Farrah Abraham’s Book Signing is a Bust!

As a frequent thrower of parties, it’s every hostesses nightmare that they put on a bash and no one shows up. Clearly that’s never happened to me (can you imagine!) but it did happen to Teen Mom-turned-porn-star-turned-pop-star-turned-national-menace Farrah Abraham. Only it wasn’t a party that people failed to turn up to…it was her book signing!

Yes my literary lambs, Farrah is now calling herself an erotic author (kill me) and just released her first novel, Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making. See if you can get through the description of this novel (which is a thinly veiled account of her own sex tape fiasco with James Deen) without laughing out loud…

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The journey…

Hot sex. A few thrills. A lot of tips and tricks. There has to be more to life than this, and I’m going to find it.

The woman

I’m like every other person out there: I want to be loved and I want to be happy. But in the words of my best friend, I have to kiss a few frogs along the way. That’s okay, I know what I want and I’m not afraid to go after it, to hell with what other people think. My name is Fallon Opal, and I’m not who everyone thinks I am.

The star…

To the world I’m another starlet gone crazy; always traveling, clubbing non-stop, and juggling drug problems and alcohol issues. The truth couldn’t be further from that. I’m on a journey to find myself and I’m giong to do it without shame — my way. Sometimes it feels like the world is against me but that won’t stop me from getting mine.

I cannot believe someone actually let her publish this. And nor, it seems can anyone else because not one person–not one!–turned up to her book signing in LA on July 1, according to In Touch magazine. Ha ha ha! Isn’t it fabulous when bad things happen to bad people, darlings? Tell me, if Nate Archibald promised you a night of unbridled passion at the Plaza if you promised to read Farrah’s book, would you still avoid it like the plague? Or are you sort of sickly curious


  1. Pilar Said:

    First of all, Farrah, my delusional reality t.v personal, you are NOT a star or a starlet, you are a teen mom that was book a reality t.v show. To this day no one knows why. I so tired of hearing about her. Could she stop being a mess and actually start setting an example for her child? The fact that people in L.A new to avoid her and her book, gives me more faith in people from L.A.
    As for the Nate thing….would this passion include dinner? Not that it matters

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