Fashion Don’t: Audrina Patridge

As I mentioned earlier, 90s fashion is trying to make a comeback, but I am fully against it. Even as a baby I looked around and realized how terribly everyone was dressed. And if you need further proof that “style” from this decade should rest in peace, may I present to you Audrina Patridge at the iHeartRadio pool party in Miami:

audrina patridge


What am I looking at?! Is that…a stonewashed shirt tied around her waist?!!? Horrifying! This look is fine for soccer moms at Disneyland or Kurt Cobain fan club presidents, but on a young lady it is beyond a fashion don’t!

But, I suppose I should be grateful that something is covering up her mess of an outfit. Is that a one-piece with pleather shorts and cheap, off-season boots? Ugh, Audri. I didn’t know this much fail could exist in one outfit!

Are you a fan of the 80s and 90s looks coming back? Or should fashion always move forward, not backwards?


  1. me Said:

    im not totally opposed to the 90’s making a comeback (i always say they were the last great decade), but this outfit is trying TOO hard to bring it back, and not including any of the 90’s fashion that she could actually make look cute…she literally looks like shes going to a 90’s costume party and this was what she could find at the thrift store…

  2. Annaliese Said:

    I just believe at this point she’s fashion impaired.Anyone with eyesight could tell this is an absolute disaster.Wrapping a jacket around your waist is unacceptable! she should “throwback” that outfit to where ever it came from!

  3. Ruth Said:

    If she got rid of the weird patterned leotard, and wore the stone washed shirt, rolled up over a white tshirt, it would be cute.

  4. ilyZMWH Said:

    idc really there are worse things going on and you ppl worry about some chick wearing a jacket around her waist jeez people

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