Fashion Don’t: Kendall Jenner

I spied Kendall Jenner┬áhosting the grand opening celebration of Sugar Factory American Brasserie in NYC in an outfit that can only be described as “cautionary”:

kendall jenner


High-waist white ankle jeans and a sequin crop halter top are not what I would call universally flattering pieces. In fact, unless you happen to have the catwalk-ready body of KJ, this is a look to avoid at all costs. But I must admit, KJ manages to pull it off.

Would you step into a similar style? Or is this kind of look meant only for very specific body types?


  1. helena Said:

    You mean, only girls with about -10% body fat should wear it?
    Pretty much. But there are tons of different styles with crop tops that could work for curvier girls too.

  2. Rachel Said:

    KJ has got such a body she can pull off anything! JEALOUS!

  3. ohlala Said:

    obviously that this clothes only can be worn by skinny girls… some girl with an average weight wouldn’t look good with high-waisted jeans and a crop top

  4. Little Lady Said:

    After last weeks photo of her belly button, they are trying to keep it covered. Seen two pictures since that they have her navel covered now. She is a pretty girl.

  5. Melissa Said:

    Even on her, I spy a hint of Camel Toe. Those pants are too tight!

  6. erica Said:

    She’s so Gorgeous and her figure is adorable. The eye on the shirt is a bit out there but when you got bank, you can rock pretty much anything.

  7. kat Said:

    she is so pretty. totally dig her style.she could rock anything.go kendall!!

  8. Maria Magdalena Said:

    Her style on this picture is SO 90’s or may I say Britney Spears alike (Oops! I Did It Again)

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