Fashion Don’t: Zendaya Coleman

Spotted: Zendaya Coleman promoting her new single, “Replay,” with a hand-print ceremony at Planet Hollywood, which is lame, but that’s not what makes her today’s fashion don’t. Can you guess?

zendaya coleman


If you sniffed that her drop-waist dress is tres unflattering then you are correct! This style is almost impossible to wear for anyone that isn’t six feet tall and willow thin, and even if you are, it still makes you look as rectangular as possible. But Z may have been able to pull this shape off if she hadn’t chosen a dress made of a comic book and a garbage bag stitched together.

Is this a total tragedy considering Z’s fine form? What would you have dressed the DWTS alum in?

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  1. andreea Said:

    Her body is to die for.

  2. The Game Said:

    I don’t think she looks bad, save for the loud shoes.

  3. Benanta Said:

    i agree she doen’t look all that bad

  4. Menna Said:

    I hate her make-up and I only loved the shoes..

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